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Mobazha with Monero in Privacy Ecommerce


Mobazha is a decentralized market, where users can buy and sell goods and services with cryptocurrencies. It could be considered as decentralized Amazon with crypto. We would focus on privacy ecommerce. Monero is the best choice for privacy. We are going to integrate Monero into Mobazha.

Demo 1:
Demo 2:

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Mingfeng Yang, fengzie_mbz

  1. Joined Cisco in 2010 as a Technical Leader and founder of the Innovation Club in local branch.
  2. Holds 6 US and international invention patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), 19 internal Cisco patents.
  3. Put main effort on Mobazha for more than 5 years.

Chanli Fan, Community Operation

  1. Worked as a project manager for a listed technology company in Hangzhou.
  2. Engaged in blockchain community communication and technology promotion for over 6 years.

Tim Zhou, Partnerships

  1. Former founder of AI List Capital, an artificial intelligence fund in Silicon Valley, US.
  2. Holds an MBA from Duke University.


We provide a decentralized marketplace, which you could consider it as a decentralized Amazon. Users have their stores in own devices instead of a centralized server, including listings, orders, payments, and shipping etc. All devices connect to each other, and build up the e-commerce network.

Unlike traditional self-hosted stores deployment, user doesn't need to have a VPS server with a public IP. Just a device connecting to internet is enough. It can be plugged in and out of the network in any place at any time.

We would focus on privacy ecommerce. There are goods that buyers don't want to be tracked by other people. Certainly it should be legal. Crypto itself is announced as a way to protect user privacy, especially Monero. We don't ask for KYC. User can do trade worldwide.

From a technology perspective, we use IPFS to build up the lower layer of the network. On top of IPFS, we develop protocols of e-commerce and social media protocols for running the business. We use crypto as the payment method and develop smart contracts to provide moderation support, to make trade safe in anonymous environment.

If it successes, Monero people would have a way to directly do trade instead of exchange to other coins or fiats. Many other people may also consider to hold and use Monero as a payment method in the network.

We always stick to the following principles.

TRUTH, never lie or keep information from users. Truth comes first, and no person or sentient being will be harmed or stolen from this network.

FREEDOM, all mankind are BORN free, and no man-made law is valid, we operate under Natural-Law which means EVERYTHING is allowed UNLESS it Does Harm or Steals from someone else.


Milestone 1 - Preparation - upfront - 45 XMR

Currently Mobazha supports Bitcoin and Ethereum like coins, and ERC20 tokens such as USDT, USDC, etc. For Bitcoin like coins, the interface is designed to use blockbook service to help with the blockchain data, such as transaction history, balance, events listening etc. For Ethereum like coins and ERC20 tokens, it uses Infura and Etherscan etc.

Also for protecting trade with moderation, we use multisig of 3/2 for Bitcoin like coins and smart contract for Ethereum.

For Monero, there is no support from blockbook,

To support direct trade and moderated trade with Monero, we have a draft thought and design. We need to do research and experiment with it.

Milestone 2 - Sell and buy goods with direct payment - 1.5 months, paid upon release of first test build - 100XMR

Build in a Monero wallet and integrate with trade system. Support to sell and buy goods with direct payment in Mobazha.

  • Generate Monero address for each store
  • Support to send and receive XMR
  • Support to view XMR transaction list for a store
  • Watch for incoming XMR payment events
  • Monero integration in the listing creation process
  • Monero integration in the order process
  • Update desktop, mobile, and web apps

Milestone 3 - Moderation support to prevent fraud - 2 months, paid upon release of first test build - 105XMR

The network is consist of people from worldwide. The moderation system will be a key part of the network to prevent fraud and abuse.

Like a buyer or a seller, a moderator is also just another type of user on the Mobazha network. Anyone can choose to become one and make their services as a moderator available on the network.

In a decentralized network, the individual users are each responsible for their own experiences which includes contributing positively to the community by building their business and reputation as well as protecting themselves.

We have built up the interface and system for Bitcoin like coins with 2/3 multisign and smart contract for ETH like. We need figure out and implement a common solution for Monero as well.

For more information, please check below links:

Milestone 4 - Publicity and promotion - paid upon the adoption results monthly - 95XMR

Create posts and videos of introduction and promotion, and do publicity in social medias. Gain more than 800 seed users worldwide, who do trade and use Monero in the network.

Milestone 5 - Maintenance considerations - paid 3 months later after milestone 3 of dev completion - 50 XMR

We will prioritize ongoing technical support, security updates, and feature enhancements to ensure the platform remains robust and up to date with the evolving needs of users and the ecosystem. This includes regular audits, bug fixes, and compatibility updates with the Monero network and any relevant standards or protocols. We would also continue to work together with Monero to develop and promote the platform.

Expiration date for the proposal

If this proposal is not funded or completed by Mar. 2025, the allocated funds will be released to other proposals or the General Fund. This ensures timely progress and resource allocation within the Monero community.

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