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Revuo Monero maintenance (2024 Q3)

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I will maintain Revuo Monero ( for the next 3 months (2024 Q3): July, August and September. There is a chance I may skip one week to tend to real life issues, in such case, next issue will just cover 2 weeks instead of 1.


  • Daily/weekly: search, curate, structure and post new reports/stories.
  • As Needed: outreach (engage with the community on Matrix, XMPP, emails).
  • As Needed: make sure the website is live and working as expected (server maintenance, billing, etc.)


rottenwheel, I joined the Monero community some time in 2017 by jumping into IRC, attending some Workgroup meetings, volunteering at the Monero village at DEFCON 28 in 2019 (, participating in community events and being involved with other community-driven, smaller projects.

As a proof of work for this specific proposal, I have, since January 2022 until now, written almost 200 issues, 195 of which were published in current Revuo's self-hosted website. That does not take into account the following enhancements.

Up to this point, all efforts behind Revuo Monero's comeback after Diego "rehrar" Salazar was let go and Revuo Monero's publication was paused for a few months, include but are not limited to:


I will publish weekly issues (4 per month) at a rate of $100 / issue. At $157.5 / XMR this makes 8 XMR (~7.6++) (100 * 4 * 3 = $1200) to be split in 3 monthly milestones. Rounding current 7.6++ XMR to 8 XMR to cover for price votatility between Work In Progress phase and progressive milestone(s) payouts.

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