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rehrar help out the project

Diego Salazar requested to merge rehrar/ccs-proposals:rehrar-help-out into master

Who, what, when, where?

Hi, I'm Diego "rehrar" Salazar. I run Cypher Stack, and me and my team make Stack Wallet. I also did work for the core team once upon a time.

I was recently approached my luigi, of the current core team about retaking on some of my old duties. There's a lot of opportunity for improvement in the non-dev areas of the project, and not always enough hands to get it done. It was agreed upon that, were this to happen, this would be done through the CCS rather than through Core as before. This moves me from being accountable to core, to accountable to the community.

A quick summary of what I'd be working on (requested by luigi):

  • Presiding over and helping along a Monero Website Workgroup to merge requests, keep it up to date, and do odds and ends of design and development
  • Facilitating moderator relationships and fostering community in relevant social platforms
  • Being a leader in the Monero Community workgroup and helping that along as needed
  • Keeping a finger on the "pulse of the community" in the various chat rooms and platforms (Telegram, Discord, IRC, Matrix, Reddit, etc.)
  • Assisting plowsof as needed in CCS work (working under him for various tasks if needed)
  • Aiding and assisting in event work as needed
  • Utilizing my "soft skills" as needed elsewhere on the project.


There's lots of non-dev stuff to do, and not so many people to do it. I am capable and willing.

How long? How much?

75 XMR for three months for half time work. Possibility of renewal depending on community sentiment.


I will do all of the above in the beginning section, and give a monthly report to the community on what's been done, and tasks accomplished. The primary metric I will rate myself on though, is how big of a help I am to luigi in terms of taking workload off of his shoulders.


My company Cypher Stack does occasional work for Monero in the form of the following:

  • Dan "pigeons" Miller who helps with infrastructure work is employed by Cypher Stack. We typically do anywhere from 5-10 hours a month for Monero here. We are currently doing this work pro bono.
  • Cypher Stack's cryptographer, Aaron Feickert, does occasional research work for Monero. This is funded either by the CCS, or the new Research Fund that has been funded by the CCS.
  • I own and operate Stack Wallet, an open-source, multicoin wallet, of which Monero is supported.
  • I and all of my employees do occasional work for other clients, many of them in the privacy or crypto sphere. Several of them privacy coins themselves.
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