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monerobull for website maintainer & workgroup leader

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I'm opening this CCS on behalf of monerobull (without asking him edit: he has since agreed to do the job if picked) because he has stated that he will do the job for $500/month and I believe that he is capable of doing it. The responsibilities and description are taken from rehrar's recent proposal. A monthly report would be expected and the rate can be adjusted for the following quarter, depending on the amount of work & time required.

The job description:

  • Presiding over and helping along a Monero Website Workgroup by merging requests, running meetings, and doing odds and ends as required to move along design and development
  • Leading the moderator teams for Matrix and helping along with IRC if needed
  • Being a leader in the Monero Community workgroup and helping that along as needed Keeping a finger on the "pulse of the community" in the various chat rooms and platforms (Telegram, Discord, IRC, Matrix, Reddit, etc.)
  • Assisting plowsof as needed in CCS work (working under him for various tasks if needed)
  • Aiding and assisting in event work as needed
  • Utilizing "soft skills" as needed elsewhere on the project.

Amount being raised is 9 xmr for 3 months of work.

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