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I will maintain the "official" Monero website ( for the next 3 months (2024 Q3): July, August and September. Aid in general project endeavors assistance, such as Matrix/IRC moderation, assist plowsof's CCS coordinator role when needed and miscellaneous networking amongst Core team, developers and community members.


  • Daily/weekly: review pending -site pull requests, follow up open issues and merge when things are ready to go.
  • As Needed: outreach (engage with the community on Matrix, XMPP, emails).
  • As Needed: make sure the website is live and working as expected.


rottenwheel, I joined the Monero community some time in 2017 by jumping into IRC, attending some Workgroup meetings, volunteering at the Monero village at DEFCON 28 in 2019 (, participating in community events and being involved with other community-driven, smaller projects.

Current maintainer and editor of weekly XMR publication, Revuo Monero. Work in Progress proposal found at !466 (merged).


I will take on the listed tasks above for 6000 USD or 36 XMR. At $168.36 / XMR this makes 36 XMR to be split in 3 monthly milestones, at the end of each month of this quarter. Rounding current 35.64++ XMR to 36 XMR to cover for price votatility between Work In Progress phase and progressive milestone(s) payouts.

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