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Church of WOWnero Q2 2019

Xeagu requested to merge xeagu/ccs-proposals:church-of-wownero into master

I believe in the power of Churches and Religion to enact real world change. As a deep proponent of financial privacy, responsibility, and alternatives I recognize that Monero is the best technology available for financial privacy. Many people don't like me and yet I can't leave because Monero is still the best technology. My perseverance in the face of strong opposition is a force that will be useful when Monero itself is targeted by stronger opposition.

It is in this spirit that I founded the controversial "Church of Monero". Recent events have ended in my proposal to get funding to attend the Monero Konferenco being rejected before any donations could be received.

In the following discussion, a well respected member of the Monero Community suggested on Twitter that someone CCS a "Church of WOWnero".

I believe my experience speaks for itself that I am the most qualified to do this job.

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