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Korean Translations GUI & CLI

Xeagu requested to merge xeagu/ccs-proposals:korean-translations-gui-cli into master

WHO Your friendly, neighborhood Xeagu here. Several months ago I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Seoul, South Korea. While there, I met and befriended a native Korean speaker and full time translator.

I recognized that Korean has been one of the more difficult languages to find translators for the Monero Community so I explained to my friend how the Monero CCS (FFS at the time) works and proposed a contractual agreement.

My friend knows basically nothing about the crypto community or Monero apart from the brief explaination I provided during our discussion.

Still, I believe with my help to guide them along and clarify their understanding of the technology we can switfly translate the Monero GUI and CLI wallets.

If all goes well, I am sure they would be interested in translating other Monero documentation like the GetMonero Website, Monerujo, and other resources.

WHAT Currently the Korean translation for the GUI has 2255 words incomplete and 7220 words incomplete for the CLI. Totaling 9475 words.

I have offered them $0.08 per word and agreed to facilitate the process of setting up this CCS, corresponding with the Monero Community, and assisting them with the Pootle translation process.

I am requesting $758 as their compensation for completing the GUI and CLI Korean Translations.

These 9475 words can be broken down into a total of 1377 separate strings.

I project that it will take us approximately 10 working hours to translate all of these strings.

For my time, I am requesting $20 per hour totalling $200.

In total for this project I am requesting $958.

Using a 30 day exponential moving average of $60 per XMR, this comes to 16 XMR.

WHEN I am requesting payouts be made at quarterly for every 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% completion milestones.

WHY Translations are one of the most important elements of the Monero Ecosystem and the Korean market is one of the largest (if not the largest) in terms of global trading volume.

Having available and accessible Monero Korean Translations will allow more interested users and investors to learn about this world changing technology.

EDIT In light of community feedback and discussion, I am adding an additional 15 working hours that will be used for the creation of the Monero Korean Terminology Guide. This process will involve researching popular Korean Crypto Publications to identify what terms they use for various crypto technical vocabulary. Once we have established the glossary for domain specific Korean terminology, we will move on to beginning the 1377 strings in the GUI and CLI translations.

I have added an additional 3 milestones and payouts to reflect 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% completion of the Terminology Guide. (additional 5 XMR)

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