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Monero currency and blockchain statistics hub

Codivorous requested to merge Codivorous/ccs-proposals:stats into master

I recently polled the Reddit community about what they would like me to work on the most (, and they answered "Currency statistics website". This is something that I feel Monero lacks. The closest thing is, which has aged and has a limited dataset on its site. I wish to create a website showcasing various statistics related to Monero. Most importantly, I wish to display the proportion of transactions using payment ID, fees and fee history, hashrate displayed using several different algorithms, network congestion and activity at different times, price movement and volume, social media and repository activity, with more.

The Monero community should have a solid and trustworthy source of statistics, especially right before and after forks. Speculation often runs wild, and with the ability to for example procedurally present the hashrate based on the latest blocks, we can curb scepticism. It also gives the community a base to see what different technologies did for the currency, like for example Bulletproofs, and to see which areas require future work.

The payment was set quite a lot below how much time and effort I expect to put into this, because I don't want to soak up money from other proposals. I want to work on this because I want to, but I also want to eat. Weirdly enough.

I am very open to different ideas, and hope to get some input :) The expiration date for this proposal is the 10th of June.

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