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Monero representation at the Oslo Freedom Forum 2019

Title - midipoet: represent Monero Outreach at Oslo Freedom Forum 2019

What - Alex Gladstein, from the Human Rights Foundation had previously got in touch with Monero Outreach about the possibility of having someone at their Oslo Freedom Forum event at the end of May 2019. xmrhaelan messaged me and asked would i be interested in going, as he knows i am close (europe based). I subsequently spoke with Alex on the phone, and we agreed that the event would be more of a fringe meetup/workshop, hosted by them in a semi-formal setting. It would probably be one/two hours - perhaps invite only (speakers and attendees) - and would be a chance to talk and demonstrate Monero to a new audience. Communicating Monero’s ideology, technology, its affordances for censorship resistance, civil liberty, information and financial privacy would be the primary goal. The workshop/event would also include a section where users would start using a mobile wallet, sending and receiving Monero, understanding the backup procedure, and so on. I would also attend the OFF event as a Monero representative. Since that initial conversation we have had contact with Blockchangers who will be helping coordinate the event alongside Monero in Oslo. I believe this is a chance for some good publicity for Monero, and to also bring the technology to a new, interested, and in need audience.

Who - I hope a few more know me by now, but if not, hello! here is a little blurb. I have been in and around the community for a few years; slowly getting more involved as time goes on. Most of my recent interaction with the community has been through an Information Systems research project being conducted at University College Cork, Ireland. The result of this is now in the peer review process (which is a pain by the way). I will be presenting the findings of the research at Konferenco. Get your tickets now! My latest claim to Monero fame is a talk i gave at TabConf which can be found here. I also recently gave a talk at at CryptoFinance Oslo. Both of these trips were funded by the community, so thank you! Other than that, i would say i am just a community member and a privacy advocate. I am also a Dr (not a real one); completing my PhD in distributed music systems before shifting over to Information Systems and Financial Technology (don’t ask!). I am really just trying to stay away from the real world as long as possible.

Why - Its kind of difficult to say no to this one, as in all honesty i think this is the exact type of event we should be trying to get exposure for Monero at.

The Proposal and Milestones - This is going to be difficult, but i am am going to have to ask for all expenses and costs for this one. The Human Rights Foundation are not in a position to cover anything (though they are providing the venue). This means that my flight, hotel, food expenses, printing material expenses, some food and drinks for the participants (i am thinking some simple vegetarian friendly food and some water/soft drinks), and crucially some XMR to allow people to play around with the tech all need to be covered by the community. I will ask for two payouts for this. One paid out before the event, as soon as the CCS is filled. This will allow me to book flights, pay for hotels, print education material so on and so forth, and the other on my return. i think that is quite fair. I am open to discussing any and all of this proposal if people have any issues.

Expiration - June 15th 2019

Funding details (in EURO) -

Hotel: €175 x 3 nights = €450

Flight: €250 (as at 06/05/2019)

Food for me: €50 per day for three days = €150

Taxis/Trains/Busses/Ubers to and from airport: €20 per day for three days = €60

Printing Costs for Outreach material: = €200

Food for the workshop participants: = €500

Based on an approximate XMR price of €55 euro per XMR, this equates to 29.27 XMR

Monero for workshop purposes: = 0.1XMR per participant approx 100 participants. 10 XMR

Total Cost: 39.27 XMR rounded up to 40 XMR

NB: in a perfect world, i would like someone to be at this event with me. if the community thinks that is wise, i would like to nominate someone and then add this to the ask. I am open to discussion on all of the above.

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