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Funding To Produce, Write And Record An Entirely Original Rap/Hip-Hop Anthem Exclusively For Monero

Hi, My name is Royce Rowland R. I am an American Rapper & Music Producer known by the stage name PHILTHY9FIFTY. My fixation on Cryptocurrency, Mining and Fintech is quite unhealthy actually.. As a full-time thuroughbread hustler I am infinitely intreagued by innovative new ways to build wealth and grow financially and XMR has always been my go-to privacy coin.. This is my first CCS proposal, however in the past I have made proposals directly to the Core Monero Team and have also offered Graphic Design support for the Official Monero Facebook Page.


My goal is to produce an entirely original Monero Anthem. The Anthem will be of the Rap & Hip-Hop variety and the lyrics will carry references to key aspects of the cryptocurrency itself. For example, references to privacy, decentralization, security, ring signatures, public keys, private keys, use-cases.. etc.. It should be a fun project and many Monero and Cypto Enthusiasts will surely enjoy listening to what will be the fruits of my labor (with added community support should anyone want to chime in with ideas or edits which anyone believes should be made to the specifics regarding technical content in the lyrics once they are shared with the community.)


I will be taking on the project personally, however I will be reaching out to the Monero Community via Twitter and the Monero Subreddit for feedback and also so the Community can take part in shaping the outcome of the Anthem. You can find examples of the music I create on most major platforms, however to find the newest content of mine, I recommend visiting my soundcloud. Soundcloud:


I believe the Monero community would enjoy having an anthem that they can listen to and that allows them to express their interest in Monero would be a great thing to have made available. And I can definitely provide that. Also this would be perfect to play during Monero events and Developer Conferences as an intro while patrons and attendees are being seated.


Once the first milestone is reached I'll make it my first priority to deliver what the community wants! I don't slack, I git r' done. So with that being said, I believe no more than 2 weeks after each milestone has been met is sufficient time to provide what has been promised.


I believe 3 months is sufficient for this proposal.

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