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Keyi Store needs assistance from Monero Community

What the proposal is about? Keyi Store is an eCommerce store that has ability to accept all and any cryptocurrency. The Store is currently in production. Anyone can now from Keyi Store ( for cryptocurrency and it will be shipped. Also, we maintain the top notch Privacy, in general anyone can request us to remove data, simply mail us and everything is deleted, even the order informations(no hard copy or softcopy). As of now we already have a lot of products and we are adding more too. We can become the best eCommerce Store in the cryptocurrency world provided we have sufficient support from the cryptocurrency community.

Our platform can list ERC20 tokens for free but we charge $700 (monthly) or $7000 (annually) for our Pay Later gateway. If every 500 monthly transactions on our website, we give a 15% discount. The fund goes on for developing the other Payment Gateway + Wallet (Interest based).

We also have our own Payment Gateway, Pay Later, this gateway can delay the payments up to 48 hours as of now and we are trying to make it 5 days. So, anyone can order products from us, the order will be processed but the payment can be done later. We are also creating a credit based Payment Gateway, where users can add their desired cryptocurrency, whenever the user is ordering anything from us, the amount will be automatically deducted. Plus, the users can earn interest for keeping their money in the system. Pay Later is already out and can be used on our website and we are still developing the other Wallet + Gateway + Interest based.

So, we don't have any Partners at the moment and we are unable to promote it to the cryptocurrency community due to lack of resources. We have partnered with two companies, BEAM and Verasity and we are in discussion with more than 8 companies including NavCoin.

So, we want to have community backing from Monero to help Keyi Store to succeed. We have to the product, we are adding partners, we have the distributor plus logistic partners.

Who will complete the project? Saumya Brata Dutt will complete the project. The platform has been launched and is working. We need support in marketing as well as awareness.

Why it is important for Monero and the community? Any Benefits? We are expecting great sales if we have the right Marketing and Promotion as well as we will be adding more Partners. Our goal is to bring to real life applications that use or based on cryptocurrency and can also be used by non-cryptocurrency holders(people unaware and not using cryptocurrency). Keyi Store is one of our first application that is promising. If we are to receive assistance from Monero and the Community, we will display it in our platform, plus we will use Monero as one of the main currency for the company. So, any payment done on our website will be converted from whatever cryptocurrency to XMR. Plus, in every transactional message, receipts and communication method we will use 'Supported by Monero'. Once we gain enough customers, we will conduct programs to promote Monero to our customers. And lastly, we will provide some of the best offers and discounts to Monero holders only.

Example, if Someone buys a MacBook from our website and pays in BTC, we will accept the BTC, but to store the money we will use Monero.

We are open to any other ideas except for changing the Store product price display currency at the moment. And, we don't accept any fiat currency at the moment.

What makes our platform different from others? First, we really work hard. Our main competitor, as we thought was Flogmall. But after some research, we found that the website was not at all getting much traffic, hence they simply raised money from ICO and they not doing something to make it bigger. Whereas, we are working hard to make it a reality, a store from where you can buy anything with any cryptocurrency, plus, we have our own Gateway as well as creating another one.

Why are we creating our own token and holding an ICO? First, we plan to accept all cryptocurrency. Second, creating a Utility token doesn't even make sense when there are a lot of tokens available. We could create a revenue sharing token, where the token price is based on a direct profit sharing model(like 40% to 50%), where the profit is delivered through a mainstream token. If we were to conduct an internal crowdfund or ICO for the platform from Governance based cryptocurrency the result will be the same. We agree we could raise a lot of funds, but the token will not have many usages, plus we don't have resources to do the marketing. Simple as that, the whole operation will be a failure, plus the stress of everything failing will make it worse.

Do we plan to hold an ICO in future? This completely depends on the results, currently, we only planning to crowdfund with benefits for community or stake in our platform. If we don't succeed here, we might try with other companies. And even then if it fails, we will appeal directly to the community plus I'll create a token on revenue based system. If this was successful, we will consult the Monero Community before holding important events like ICO. But we think this can be a great an opportunity for us, as well as for the Community, not only we will promote Monero within our website and community in future but also we will use Monero for financials and promote the usage of Monero.

Why choose Keyi Store (recap)?

  1. The platform which is working perfectly.
  2. Our project is liked because most of the companies we contact are ready to be listed.
  3. Currently, 2 partners listed, plus NavCoin listed but yet to announce.
  4. Pay Later Gateway (beta) can support up to 48 hours late or delay payment but processes the payment.
  5. We can accept orders and ship orders with a tracking number.
  6. Another Gateway + Wallet (Interest-based) development underway, which can be used to pay directly within our platforms and upcoming platforms.

Milestones and projected timeline Milestone 1 - Integration of Monero in our Pay Later Gateway. Includes 1 year of Integration plus benefits. We charge $700 per month but annually we have reduced it to $7000. Also, for every 500 transactions in our website 15% discount on a monthly charge. The fund goes in developing the other Gateway + Wallet (Interest based). Timeline - June 4, 2019

Milestone 2 - Community Promotion If Monero Community members share Keyi Store, it will already be known to a lot of community members and holders of other currencies too. Timeline - June 7, 2019

Milestone 3 - 3 Infographic Video We will hire an animator to create 3 Infographic Video, which can be used later for promotion. Timeline - June 17, 2019

Milestone 4 - Advertising and Marketing PR We will do a Press Release which should inform a lot of Blockchain supporters about the project. Timeline - June 20, 2019

Milestone 5 - Advertising and Marketing YouTube We will advertise on YouTube to promote Keyi Store. YouTube can help with brand awareness. Timeline - June 24, 2019

Expiration Date - June 2, 2019

Currently, we are open for a stake based fund, so the whatever we earn we will give Monero community a percentage of it or reward based, where we can give amazing offers for the Monero community only or even both.

Open for discussions, pros and cons etc.

Team Members: Founder and every position you can think of - Saumya Brata Dutt Data Entry - Annie Ash

Contact the Founder : Telegram Group - Telegram - or Quora - Facebook - Twitter -

Edited by Saumya Brata Dutt

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