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( Add Monero as a supported payment method

kayront requested to merge kayront/ccs-proposals:monero-travala into master

This proposal is about adding XMR as a payment option to

Travala appears to be the most well positioned company to bring cryptocurrency adoption to the travel booking space right now.

There are only a few select places where accomodation could be purchases with BTC (, including travala, but it seems to me that the sooner we start having XMR accepted natively - the sooner we cast a very wide net - the better.

The importance of this to the Monero community is, I hope, self-evident:

The ability to spend XMR at various merchants is essential for the success of Monero. And as we know, Monero is uniquely positioned to take the role of digital cash due to its privacy features.

The form to submit a request to add a coin is here:

It seems a bit geared towards centralized projects, but after repeatedly failing to get in touch with travala through other means, I figured that creating the CCS and bringing awareness to this topic would be the way forward.

Undoubtedly they will want a little "incentive" to list XMR, but I do not know how much, or even if it's actually required.

This CCS then serves to discuss the receptivity of the community to engaging with for the purpose of adding XMR as a payment option, and assuming that feedback is positive, whether we are willing to pay some amount of XMR to see it happen.

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