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rellis requested to merge rellis/ccs-proposals:Pre-paid_Gifting_Wallets into master


This is a feature request for a special kind of wallet. The use-case is for a pre-paid wallet to be generated from the existing wallet, so that it can be easily gifted to someone who doesnt have Monero yet. To increase security I propose that these pre-paid wallets are temporary wallets and are converted into a new normal wallet when received.

Pre-Paid Wallet Creater:

  • Clicks 'Create Pre-Paid wallet' button
  • then enters amount (less than or equal to current wallet balance, inclusive of the cost of 2 transactions)
  • Automatically generate a new wallet (with a Pre-paid identifier)
  • Automatically Sends new pre-paid wallet the amount of 'pre-paid' Monero.
  • Details of the pre-paid wallet are displayed; Seed/Private Key/Pre-Paid Transaction View Key/QR Code
  • Option to print a Paper wallet
  • Created sends details to reciever (paper wallet / birthday card / email etc...)

Pre-Paid Wallet Receiver:

  • Receives details of the pre-paid wallet (Seed/Private Key/QR Code, Paper Wallet)
  • Creates/Restores wallet from Seed/Private Key
  • Monero automatically recognises this as a Pre-paid wallet
  • Automatically generates a new (normal) wallet
  • Automatically sends the new wallet the amount of 'pre-paid' Monero.


I would like to see the gifting of Monero automated and simplified. This proposal will help to introduce people to Monero and has the possibility of increasing the useability of Monero, increasing the userbase and expanding the community.


Well im your 'average joe' monero fan but I have no real coding knowledge or skills I can offer in support of developing this feature. I fould in extremly laborous to gift friends Monero as a present. I hope this proposal inspires someone who does have some skills and can take on this project.

Amount Requested

an arbitrary amount of 100XMR has been set and will need to be ammended by She/He who takes on this challenge.

Milestones / Timeline & Payouts

To be determined by She/He who takes on this challenge.

Expiration date

I propose that this project expires by June 9, 2020

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