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Increase the Adoption of Monero at Avantpay|19 Conference

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Hi Monero Community!

We would love to help increase the adoption of Monero through our Avantpay|19 Conference. Our Conference brings together public and private sector experts in payments, cannabis and cryptocurrency in Washington, DC on September 30-October 1, 2019. Through sponsoring our Conference, Monero will be on the same stage as Dash, Zcash, Gemini, and others to discuss the future of payments.
Due to the challenges the cannabis industry has in accesing banks and non cash payment solutions, it is an industry that is pursuing cryptocurrency solutions as a means to accept payments from customers, pay vendors and grow their business. Monero could benefit from targeting this industry and increase its adoption and show other industries that it can handle payments. For example, Dash has already begun doing this through a partnership with Alt36, but their cryptocurrency does not have the same privacy features as Monero.
With the use of Monero, a digital wallet, and an exchange, companies could rely less on cash and pay their employees and vendors in Monero. This would help not only logistically but reducing cash on hand reduces security risks for companies. Also, Monero is an interesting option for consumers and merchants in the cannabis space because a user's (merchant or consumer) transactions remain private through ring signatures, stealth addresses, Ring CTs, and Kovri. Some US states, and countries like Canada, restrict entities from storing data on users. This, along with the limited access to banks, creates a perfect use case for Monero. I have been speaking with Paul Shapiro, CEO of MyMonero, about him speaking and about Monero sponsoring. Paul is checking his schedule for availability to speak and for sponsoring suggested we reach out to the community to create a funding proposal as Monero is a decentralized community. We thought the Diamond Sponsorship Package (250 XMR equivalent to $25,000 USD) would be great for Monero. With that sponsorship Monero would get three (6x6) exhibit tables, seven tickets to the conference, a Monero swag item in the conference bag, the Monero logo added to our marketing materials as a Diamond Sponsor, and we will share with Paul the full list of attendees two weeks prior to the conference. We have other sponsorship packages to choose from that range from $2,000-$50,000, as well as a la carte options, included in our Conference Deck which can be found on our website at If the $25,000 goal is not met, we will use any funds provided by the community toward a sponsorship that meets that level of funding. I have added below additional information about our conference, like featured speakers and target attendees. Thank you so much!

Joshua M. Radbod Co-Founder and CEO of Avantpay

Event Name: Avantpay|19 - Anticipate the Future

Dates: September 30 - October 1

Location: Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC

Tickets: Early Bird on sale now for $275 at

Website Link:

Subject: The intersection of Payments | Cannabis | Cryptocurrency Panel Structure: One moderator and three panelists

Description: Avantpay|19 brings together public & private sector experts in payments, cannabis, and cryptocurrency - with a strong emphasis on compliance and regulations.

Join key stakeholders across industries and functions where you can shape and stay ahead of upcoming regulations and compliance while also finding customers/partners, demonstrating your product leadership position, and checking out your competitors.

Where some see uncertainty, you see opportunity. Join us today! Some featured speakers: • Michael Breu - Chief Compliance Officer at Gemini • Avichal Garg - Managing Partner at Electric Capital • Paige Peterson - Team Lead at ZCash • Laura Thrift - Legislative Director for Congressman Earl Blumenauer • Lauren Murphy - Cofounder + President at Alt Thirty Six • Ashley Elsner - CEO and Founder of Artery, Inc. • Tanner Daniel - VP for Congressional Relations at the American Bankers Association • Lawrence Greenberg - Chief Legal Officer of the Motley Fool • Brittany Radice - Compliance Officer at Green Bits, Inc • Julia Jacobson - CEO of Aster Farms • Michael Correia - Director of Government Relations at National Cannabis Industry Association • Joe Ciccolo - Founder & President of BitAML • Angela Lucas - Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Sterling Compliance • Dina Ellis Rochkind - Of Counsel at Paul Hastings • Jonathan Havens - Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Cannabis Law Practice at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP • Jenn Michelle Pedini - Development Director of NORML • Speaking to representatives from over 20 Congressman/Senate offices • Speaking to regulators at the CFTC, FinCen, SEC, Treasury, Finra and more • More speakers at Target Attendees: • Cryptocurrency companies including wallets, exchanges, and decentralized apps. • Cannabis company (dispensary, processor, cultivator, etc.) decision makers (owners/founders, C-suite, etc.) - people who understand payments/banking are a pain point • Banks/Credit Unions who service cannabis and cryptocurrency companies, or are considering it • Ancillary businesses • Investors in cannabis, cryptocurrency, payments, fintech • Lawmakers/Legislators, Regulators, Government Leaders • Compliance experts • Tax & accounting experts/CPAs • Lawyers • Payments processors specializing in high risk/cannabis (or others who are considering entering the cannabis industry)

We anticipate 500+ total attendees and are keeping the price of tickets low, $275 for early bird tickets. Thank you so much!

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