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Lazaridis Audit-Rework (laz-audit-rework)

Lazaridis requested to merge lazaridiscom/ccs-proposals:laz-audit-rework into master

The MR description should be copy/pasted from the proposal contents for easy viewing (front matter excluded).

(following the process, though I dislike duplicating information)

What you need most is to "immediately capture" newcomers (be it end-users, standard-devs, upper-league devs).

I assume that this is something known by the whole community: things need to become simpler, be it in context of project-contribution or product-adoption.

Research needs to be simpler, too. For this, a very well organized source-code-base is needed (ease of maintenance, and especially ease of extension/variation).


The goal is essentially to prepare the project, to remove barriers, thus I'm able to execute (in a later CCS) more difficult tasks on (hard-) core-level (this can go down to hardware/chip-level).

The immediate benefit for monero is that entry-barriers will be removed, enabling more people to adopt Monero. And that a new high-XP (hard-)core-developer enters the project.

Process / Method

"Bird of Prey" - lurking around above the monero resources (projects, site, docs etc.), and you never know where I'll dive in and "hit".

Media: repos, reddit, very minimal private email (things that possibly should not be asked/stated in public).

Some results may look like a classic SWOT-analysis.


Estimated duration: 2 to 4 weeks, executed exclusively by myself.

I've started this already, to avoid discussing this in theory. Simply see what I'm doing, so you can assess if it's worth "pushing" it.

Milestones are not 100%, they overlap, e.g. milestone 2 focuses on Project, but Product/Code are analyzed, too.

(essentially, Milestones are not applicable for such kind of work)


Not sure what this is about. If I don't get the "mileston 1" fund quick&easy, thus my "Commercial Context" kicks in, then I'll most possibly stop.

Otherwise this is just a start, I would continue with CCS in 2 further 3 months chunks, the possibly a 6 month chunck for the "really heavy stuff".

Ongoing Work

EDIT: You can some of the ongoing work here:

and here (yes, this reddit topic is actually work) :

Result A

  • Skeletons are ready
  • non public doc (where the heavy yelling happens) is ready
  • First project-assessment is ready
    • => Highly unprofessional impression, sloppy project-resources and processes
  • CCS assessment is ready:
    • => Sloppy implementation, prefer a simple issue-tracker
    • => No IT-professional should be asked to uses this system
  • CCS Rework Plan is ready:

Next Step

You need...

  • to realize that I expressed myself calmly(!), whilst assessing CCS
    • => Unfiltered: Are you serious? Fix this stuff, immediately, where is your professional pride?
  • to tell me "get monero setup, thus you can receive your 1 Mileston payment"
    • => I write again down my impressions (can't be worse that ETH/BTC)
  • Note that my stomach can't take it to work with such a fuzzy/sloppy ccs
    • => find another way to process my CCS (e.g. file it yourself)


Beware: I sometimes sound like a badly maintained bot when in deep-dive work (zero diplomacy, laconic tone).

My super-concise CV:

One of ther reasons I left Ethereum behind, looking for high-profile C++ crypto-projects for a "full dive in":

Why Ethereum Folks likes me so much:

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