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Port Electron GUI to Monero

Ghost User requested to merge (removed):mosu-gui-2019-q3 into master


Port the Electron GUI from Ryo to Monero. Rebrand, make sure all core functionality works, and package it for distribution. This will be a port of the open source version of the wallet. Once the restrictive license wears out, I'll make another proposal to merge the solo pool.


I'm mosu-forge, part of the Ryo-team, and at least decently liked in the Monero crowd. I'm responsible for most of the development within Ryo over the last year. I built the GUI wallet, the web wallet, the updated version of the Wordpress plugin, and more.


Many Monero members have asked me to come work for Monero, and that I should port the GUI. This proposal will gauge interest from the community.

My contributions/experience:

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