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Monero Wiki October 2019

Matt Smith requested to merge asymptotically/ccs-proposals:xmr-wiki-sep19 into master


I'm asymptotically, I made some minor contributions to, built, and mostly annoy help people in the #monero-pools IRC channel. I now run The Monero Wiki.



Currently the site's performance is quite poor. I'd like to switch to a more robust hosting setup so that visitors aren't waiting hours for the page to load. I estimate the monthly cost after these changes to be €29/month.


I think that it would be cool to set bounties on different pieces of content to reward contributors, e.g. a small amount of XMR for writing a short guide on running a public remote node, or for documenting all of the RPC methods. The amount of 2 XMR is totally arbitrary and the list of topics is not yet decided.

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