Unverified Commit 436b54b9 authored by Riccardo Spagni's avatar Riccardo Spagni
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use post summary for live tiles

parent 0a032543
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ module Jekyll
v.binding("template"=>"TileSquare310x310TextList02", "branding"=>"logo", "fallback"=>"TileWideText09") do |b|
b.tag!("text", post.title, "id"=>"1")
b.tag!("text", shorten(strip(post.content)),"id"=>"2")
b.tag!("text", shorten(post.data["summary"]),"id"=>"2")
b.tag!("text", "#{post.date.month}-#{post.date.day}-#{post.date.year}", "id"=>"3")
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