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### Mobile, Web, and Lightweight Clients
The clients below are ideal if you are using Monero for the first time. They are also useful if you are on a device that cannot run a [full Monero node](/getting-started/running).
[<img style="width: 360px; padding-bottom: 10px;" src="//static.monero.cc/images/clients/mymonero.svg" />
MyMonero is an easy-to-use Monero client that you can use on most desktop and mobile devices without installing anything.
It can be used with some measure of safety, as MyMonero are unable to spend your funds on your behalf.
It is owned and operated by Riccardo Spagni, one of the Monero Core Team members.](https://mymonero.com)
### Full Monero Client
If you are able to spare the bandwidth and disk space required to run a full node, doing so helps keep the network stable and robust, and also affords you the maximum privacy Monero has to offer.
<img style="width: 360px;" src="//static.monero.cc/images/logo.svg" />
You can read our guide on [running a Monero node](/getting-started/running), and the Monero core software can be downloaded from the [downloads page](/downloads).
### Unofficial Clients
There are also a handful of unofficial clients that interact with the official Monero core daemon, and are able to provide their own additional functionality.
[Monero Client .NET
A GUI for Monero written in .NET and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Written and maintained by Jojatekok.](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=683365.00)
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