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Update rpc docs

Add four missing method descriptions and edit various method and parameter descriptions for grammar, clarity, and consistency.

--Added entries-- *edit_address_book *restore_deterministic_wallet *describe_transfer *auto_refresh

--Edited entries-- *sweep_all *sweep_single *transfer *transfer_split *get_payments -reworded output payment_id description for clarity and consistency *get_bulk_payments *make_integrated_address -reworded output payment_id descrip for clarity and consistency *get_transfers *get_transfer_by_txid *make_uri *parse_uri *get_address_book *add_address_book

  • all updated with more accurate description of payment ID and note of its deprecation on 11/30/2019

*get_spend_proof - edited for grammar ("it does not requires" > "it does not require")

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