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remove Cake wallet

moneromooo-monero requested to merge moneromooo-monero/monero-site:cake into master

This is principled removal, on the grounds that the Cake wallet people are squatting the domain to push a version of Cake wallet they call the "" wallet.

When called out, representatives of Cake wallet claimed that is is not squatting, despite the fact $ is the most canonical domain name possible for a project, and that they are trustworthy, therefore it's fine for them to have that domain (they're a company, the bottom line is what counts, and even if the current owners do believe this, any buyers would turn against us without a second thought). Moreover, they had the audacity to claim I did not complain early enough, as if I was suposed to be keeping track of who owned monero themed domains. Last, they claim that they do mention on the website that it is not the official monero domain. While true, close to nobody reads the web page footer, and they know it full well.

The intent seems glaringly obvious: to dishonestly cause visitors to get their software by making it seem, at least for those people who do not look really hard, that they are the monero project.

Being a company which considers its bottom line, not earning the money they expected to get from this unethical move is likely the only thing that will get them to reconsider any further similar moves, and their wallet being removed from the monero site will help with this.

AFAIK the previous owner of was some building company, and their registration predated our project, so there was no possible confusion on the part of visitors.

Having worked for the Monero project for YEARS of my life, I feel pretty aggrieved by this dishonesty, and thus I am registering my protest by this patch, which I acknowledge has little change of being merged, since practicalities will likely outweigh ethics. However, I tend to weigh ethics more than practicalities, hence my work on monero for all these years since pretty much its inception.

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