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Minor spelling/grammar revisions

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Created by: QuickBASIC

I've done a once over of nearly all the text on the Monero site and made minor revisions for grammar and spelling. No major rewriting/rephrasing was done. This is just to correct minor mistakes that may look unprofessional for a reader to see on our official site.

Hopefully, I'll have some time to do some re-writing of some of the less technical writing (technical writing as in writing for a specific audience not necessary technical as in in-depth of the Monero tech).

I'm suggesting we standardize on American English and later localize on British English. This is only my opinion, but I believe that because Monero is a technology that transcends borders we should be using the version of English that is most used. (258 million native speakers of American English plus 32 million in Canada who use mostly American English vs 62 million native English speakers in the United Kingdom, 20 million in Australia, and 4.5 million in New Zealand who use a British influenced version.)

Many uninitiated American English readers in a lot of cases will just assume that things in British English are incorrectly spelled and it will reflect on their views of the site and Monero, whereas most British English readers/speakers are familiar with the American variants because of the extent and reach of American media.

  • grammar:
    • a/an
    • repeated words
    • fragmented sentences
    • possesion
    • run on sentences
    • commas for prepositional phrases
    • is/are conjugations
    • was/were
    • its/it's
    • capitalizing proper nouns (Monero, Bitcoin, etc)
    • formatting (removed linefeeds in middle of sentences)
    • can not/cannot
    • removed commas improperly before conjunctions
  • spelling:
    • programmatically
    • hashrate
    • transferring
    • scalability
    • separate
    • transactions
    • additionally
    • particular
    • profitability
    • recommended
    • explicitly
    • separator
    • block
    • drawback
    • favorite
  • spelling (br/us)
    • internationalization
    • specialized
    • analyze
    • centralized
    • decentalized
    • memorizing
    • synchronization
    • synchronized

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