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New language localization (tr) underway - Updates so far

monero-project requested to merge 7dNp8xK3Ed:master into master

Created by: 7dNp8xK3Ed

So far:

  1. New language (Turkish) added into _config.yml file
  2. New data folder created. Under lang, new tr folder created and all yml files translated (namely footer-1.yml, footer-2.yml, navigation.yml and roadmap.yml)
  3. Under i18n, new folder "tr" created by cloning the template.
  4. tr.yml fully translated.
  5. "Turkish" as a new language been added into en.yml and es.yml files (so that the language also appears on other language versions of the site)
  6.,,, and translated.
  7. Next: get-started folder.

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