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French Localization.

monero-project requested to merge el00ruobuob:French into master

Created by: el00ruobuob

Rebased & squash to a single commit for @luigi1111 & @erciccione not to repead themself one more time ;-)

It does include:

  • French Localization creation
  • Main pages translations
  • Get-started pages translations
  • community pages translations
  • Main ressources pages translations
  • User-guides translations

It does not includes yet:

  • Moneropedia pages translations
  • Developer-guides pages translations.

Disclaimer: Several technical terms are translated, like "blockchain" or "mnemonic seeds" for instance. I'm not a fan of those but French language loves to translate everything, even if the result looks ugly to tech guys like us. But i did this accordingly to the actual Monero-GUI french translation (to be consistent, at least).

@erciccione it's up to you to try. If you remind me how to do it, i might be able to build the site locally and check by myself. Let me know.

I'll do the Moneropedia and developer-guides soon.

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