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Roadmap update to match #575 and more

monero-project requested to merge el00ruobuob:Roadmap_2018-FR into master

Created by: el00ruobuob

This is two four commits:

  • One for the French Roadmap to be updated according to @mattcode55 #575 (in the hope @rehrar and him would catch and merge it first), along with a few correction and a general change from "hardfork" to "network upgrade";
  • One for the early 2018 achievements (still in French).
  • One for fixing stuff after a build test (new 05/11)
  • One for updating all translations at the same level FR was in the second commit. (new 05/11)

Regarding the early 2018 achievements, these is the English version, for review comodities that is visible in the code. @erciccione @zofiazinha @hrumag those needs to be updated for Polish and Italian (again, i can update for you if it is easier and you provide the translation):

  • name: New Proof of Work CryptoNoteV7 date: March, 2018 status: completed
  • name: Network upgrade to increase minimal ringsize to 7, integrate multisig, subaddresses, and change PoW algo. date: 2018-04-04 status: completed
  • name: Localization in French and Polish date: 2018-04-24 status: completed

Once #575 is merged, i will work I have worked on a general roadmap update with those listed elements:

  • Update of for Polish & Italian too ;
  • s/HardFork/Network Upgrade/ ;
    • "aggiornamento della rete" in Italian
    • @zofiazinha what's your Polish version?
  • Early 2018 achievments ;
  • Update of on all untranslated and template .yml files only.

So @erciccione, you see i can still found something to do ;)

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