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Guides updated with GUI

monero-project requested to merge el00ruobuob:user-guides-add-gui into master

Created by: el00ruobuob

This is the second part to solves #729 (closed). It contains the three guides updated to GUI as asked by @SamsungGalaxyPlayer

  • View Only
  • Restore from keyx
  • Prove payment It also contain the non-requested one, but as needed as restore from keys:
  • Restore account

All screenshots are localized. However, i cannot update Polski translation by myself, so i added the new parts in english, and put back the {% include untranslated.html %} flag. @erciccione & @zofiazinha, up to you to handle this.

I still have to check the build of the website with this PR and will soon update with my test results (as it became usual now).

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