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Created by: el00ruobuob

This is a new Library page, link from ressources and footer. Accessed through Books and other ressources accessibles from<filename>

It includes a new section in yaml localized (_i18n) file, with list of publications categories (books, magazines), each categories including list of publications. @erciccione, please give your thoughts if any.

Actual Books & magazines published are:

  • Books
    • Preview of Mastering Monero (all credit goes to @serhack)
    • Zero to Monero (all credit goes to @UkoeHB)
  • Magazines
    • Revuo Monero Q3 2017 (all credit goes to @rehrar)
    • Revuo Monero Q4 2017 (all credit goes to @rehrar)

This replace & enhance #769, discussed in #771 (closed), with agreement of @UkoeHB.

Tested OK on the following platforms:

  Edge IE 11 Chrome Firefox Opera Vivaldi
Windows 7 - OK OK OK OK OK
Windows 10 OK OK OK OK OK OK
Ubuntu 18.04 - - OK OK OK OK
CentOS 7 - - - OK OK OK

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