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Added Monero Outreach Quickfacts to library

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Created by: lh1008

Hi from the Monero Outreach Workgroup,

We would like to add a document worked by the team and shared through the community through a reddit post.

We have been working on several educational materials to get more Monero awareness. Our first goal was "to create a tool that can be shared with journalists and reduce the amount of inaccurate publicity." (taiga instance 24), and that's where the Quick-Facts sheet was born.

The document will be updated regularly so the community can benefit from it. We are working to have the sheet in different languages. We have already translated the document into Spanish(es), so in the PR you will see two documents added to the directory/library(en and es) and we also updated the *.yml files respectively, following the monero website instructions. Building in Jekyll is working properly. Made tests and the links are working great. Did not encounter with any bugs or trouble in the process.

If you have any questions or have any suggestions about the content, please let us know.

Thank you :)

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