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Clean up inactive merchant links and add Swiss Lingot merchant

OsrsNeedsF2P requested to merge dginovker/monero-site:add-lingot-swiss into master

I didn't actually check every merchant manually, just ran a script to ping them all so I could find which ones were dead/inactive, so if a webpage has rebranded since it's been added I did not check for that (or if they stopped accepting Monero). For some of them (such as MoneroDirect) I've reached out to hyc to figure out what's going on, but the others I've just removed because they seem pretty gone and I can't find anything on Google about their new URLs.

This is my first semi-meaningful change so yay :) I'm happy



  • Fixed formatting on Computer Lab


  • Updated Bisq use the new URL
  • Updated name and URL

Removed for invalid certificate:

  • Bter exchange - weak certificate error, dead exchange, they've endorsed on Twitter and went inactive in 2017
  • - common name invalid error, their (owner?) "Nature provides" doesn't accept Monero so there's no point in redirect
  • Urbandetail - common name invalid error, can't find anything about them on the internet

Removed for site being down:

  • Removed for site being down, although they're still cached in search engines
  • Removed californiafintech for site being down

Removed for dead link:

  • Removed for dead link
  • Removed atesti data stamping for dead link
  • Removed algostrategic for dead link
  • Removed for dead link
  • Removed goforwardsoftware for dead link
  • Removed incognitodeals for dead link
  • Removed perpro proxy for dead link
  • Removed check-coin for dead link
  • Removed max5dollars for dead link
  • Removed reservoirmugs for dead link
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