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    Moneropedia relocalized · 4c1e8dd8
    el00ruobuob authored
    + correction on Italian Account
    + Removed leftover (replaced by
    + Removed Dust and update Copyright
    + Code improvement to avoid reading the config file and to use the builtin jekyll config variable passed in the content
    + glitch "\@transaction-privacy" corrected. PL to be checked twice.
    + Italian moneropedia links corrected (terms added to destination entries, unnecessary markdown links removed)
    + Polish corrections
    + extend ruby \word-boundary in regex to match `-based` `-like` `-form`
    + Updated readme according to the new way to add or translate a moneropedia entry
    + fix mining with CryptoNight variant
    + rebased to include AR
    + chery picked #820 to avoid conflicts