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- title: مصادر
- name: عن مونيرو
url: resources/about/
- name: مونيروبيديا
url: resources/moneropedia/
- name: دليل المُطور
url: resources/developer-guides/
- name: دليل المستخدم
url: resources/user-guides/
- name: RSS Feed
url: https://getmonero.org/feed.xml
- title: IRC قنوات الدردشة
- name: مونيرو
url: irc://chat.freenode.net/#monero
- name: مطور مونيرو
url: irc://chat.freenode.net/#monero-dev
- name: أسواق مونيرو
url: irc://chat.freenode.net/#monero-markets
- name: تعدين مونيرو
url: irc://chat.freenode.net/#monero-pools
- name: مجتمع مونيرو
url: irc://chat.freenode.net/#monero-community
- name: ترجمات مونيرو
url: irc://chat.freenode.net/#monero-translations
- name: مُعدات مونيرو
url: irc://chat.freenode.net/#monero-hardware
- title: المجتمع
- name: Reddit
url: https://reddit.com/r/monero
- name: Stack Exchange
url: https://monero.stackexchange.com/
- name: BitcoinTalk Thread
url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=583449.0
- name: Mattermost Chat
url: https://mattermost.getmonero.org/
- name: Telegram Chat
url: https://telegram.me/bitmonero
- title: مشروع مونيرو
- name: Open Alias
url: https://openalias.org/
- name: مشروع كوفري
url: https://getkovri.org/
- name: مختبر بحث مونيرو
url: resources/research-lab/
- name: عدّه الصّحافه لمونيرو
url: press-kit
- name: قانوني
url: legal
- name: شفره المصدر
url: https://github.com/monero-project
- name: المواصفات التقنيه
url: technical-specs/
- title: إبدأ
- page: ما هو مونيرو ؟
url: get-started/what-is-monero
- page: الإستخدام
url: get-started/using
- page: القبول
url: get-started/accepting
- page: المشاركه
url: get-started/contributing
- page: التعدين
url: get-started/mining
- page: الأسئله المتكرره
url: get-started/faq
- title: التنزيلات
url: downloads/
- title: آخر الأخبار
- page: جميع المشاركات
url: blog
- page: خطابات
url: blog/tags/monero%20missives.html
- page: سجل الإجتماعات
url: blog/tags/dev%20diaries.html
- page: الإصدارات
url: blog/tags/releases.html
- title: المجتمع
- page: الفريق
url: community/team
- page: الملتقي
url: community/hangouts
- page: الرعاه
url: community/sponsorships
- page: التجار
url: community/merchants
- title: موارد
- page: عن مونيرو
url: resources/about
- page: خريطه الطريق
url: resources/roadmap
- page: مختبر البحث
url: resources/research-lab
- page: مونيروبيديا
url: resources/moneropedia
- page: دليل المستخدم
url: resources/user-guides
- page: دليل المُطور
url: resources/developer-guides
- page: المواصفات التقنيه
url: technical-specs
- year: 2014
- name: تم إنشاء المشروع علي Bitcointalk
date: 2014-04-18
status: completed
- name: تغيير الإسم من بيت مونيرو إلي مونيرو
date: 2014-04-23
status: completed
- name: تم التعافي من هجمه اسبام
date: 2014-09-04
status: completed
- name: تم نشر أول ورقتين بحث لمختبر بحث مونيرو
date: 2014-09-12
status: completed
- name: تم نشر الورقه البحثيه الثالثه لمختبر بحث مونيرو
date: 2014-09-25
status: completed
- name: نشر الإصدار رقم
date: 2014-12-08
status: completed
- year: 2015
- name: الورقه البحثيه الرابعه لمختبر بحث مونيرو
date: 2015-01-26
status: completed
- year: 2016
- name: 0.9.0 نشر الإصدار رقم
date: 2016-01-01
status: completed
- name: الورقه البحثيه الخامسه لمختبر البحث
date: 2016-02-10
status: completed
- name: تحديث للشبكه لإستخدام 3 كأقل عدد لحجم الحلقات اللازم لكل المعاملات
date: 2016-03-22
status: completed
- name: 0.10.0 نشر الإصدار رقم
date: 2016-09-18
status: completed
- name: تحديث للشبكه لفصل معامله الاساس الي عده فئات
date: 2016-09-21
status: completed
- name: 0.10.1 نشر الإصدار
date: 2016-12-14
status: completed
- name: الإصدار التجريبي الاول للواجهه الرسوميه الرسميه
date: 2016-12-22
status: completed
- year: 2017
- name: تحديث الشبكه للسماح بمعاملات الحقل السريه
date: 2017-01-05
status: completed
- name: 0.10.2 الإصدار رقم , تم معالجه ثغيره خطيره
date: 2017-02-22
status: completed
- name: الإصدار رقم
date: 2017-03-27
status: completed
- name: تحديث للشبكه لتعديل أقل حجم للكتل و خوارزميه الرسوم الديناميكية
date: 2017-04-15
status: completed
- name: إعاده تصميم الموقع
date: 2017-07-04
status: completed
- name: إصدار رقم
date: 2017-09-07
status: completed
- name: الكتل الرقيقه
date: 2017-09-07
status: completed
- name: نهايه المرحله التجريبيه للواجهه الرسوميه
date: 2017-09-10
status: completed
- name: تحديث للشبكه لإستخدام 5 كأقل عدد لحجم الحلقات اللازم و إلزام معاملات الحقل السريه لكل المعاملات
date: 2017-09-15
status: completed
- name: 0MQ/ZeroMQ
date: September, 2017
status: completed
- name: العناوين الفرعيه
date: October, 2017
status: completed
- name: ثنائيه التوقيع (multisig)
date: December, 2017
status: completed
- year: 2018
- name: تقنيه إثبات العمل جديده CryptoNoteV7
date: 2018-04-06
status: completed
- name: تحديث للشبكه لإستخدام 7 كأقل عدد لحجم الحلقات اللازم, دمح ثنائيه التوقيع , العناوين الفرعيه , وتغيير تقنيه إثبات العمل
date: 2018-04-06
status: completed
- name: ترجمه الموقع إلي الفرنسيه والبولنديه
date: 2018-04-24
status: completed
- name: إعاده تصميم نظام التمويل بالمنتدي
status: ongoing
- name: نظام "مدي التأكيد" أكثر كفأً لمعاملات الحقل السري لتقليل حجم المعاملات
status: upcoming
- name: الإصدار الأول لمشروع كوفري
status: upcoming
- year: 2019
- name: حلول الطبقه الثانيه للسرعه و قابليه التوسع
status: upcoming
- name: أوراق بحثيه إضافيه لمختبر بحث مونيرو
status: upcoming
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entry: ""
terms: ["", ""]
summary: ""
{% include untranslated.html %}
### The Basics
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entry: "Account"
terms: ["account", "accounts", "wallet", "wallets"]
summary: "similar in function to a bank account, contains all of your sent and received transactions"
{% include untranslated.html %}
### The Basics
Those familiar with Monero's predecessors will be more familiar with the term *wallet* to describe this. In Monero we call this an account, and it is a private account owned and operated by a Monero user.
Your account contains all of the Monero @transactions you have sent and received. Your account balance is a sum of all the Monero you've received, less the Monero you've sent. When using Monero you may notice that your account has two balances, a locked and an unlocked balance. The unlocked balance contains funds that can be spent immediately, and the locked balance contains funds that you can't spend right now. You may receive a transaction that has an @unlock-time set, or you may have sent some Monero and are waiting for the @change to come back to your wallet, both situations that could lead to those funds being locked for a time.
A key difference between traditional electronic currency and Monero is that your account resides only under your control, normally on your computer, and cannot be accessed by anyone else if you [practice good security](#practicing-good-security).
### Multiple Accounts
There are no costs attached to creating a Monero account, and there are no fees charged except for individual @transaction fees that go to @miners.
This means that individuals can easily create a Monero account for themselves as well as a joint account to share with their partner, and individual accounts for their children. Similarly, a business could create separate accounts for each division or group. Since Monero's @transaction fees are quite low, moving funds between accounts is not an expensive exercise.
### Cryptographic Keys
Monero relies heavily on a cryptography principle known as *public/private key cryptography* or *asymmetric cryptography*, which is thoroughly detailed in [this Wikipedia article](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public-key_cryptography).
Your account is based on two keys, a @spend-key and a @view-key. The @spend-key is special in that it is the single key required to spend your Monero funds, whereas the @view-key allows you to reveal your @transactions to a third party, for example for auditing or accounting purposes. These keys in your account also play an important role in Monero's @transaction's privacy.
The private keys for both of these must be protected by you in order to retain your account privacy. On the other hand, the public keys are obviously public (they are part of your Monero account address). For normal public/private key cryptography someone could send you a private message by encrypting it with either of your public keys, and you would then be the only one able to decrypt it with your private keys.
### Backing Up Your Account
When you manage your own Monero Account with the private @spend-key, you are solely responsible for the security of your funds. Thankfully, Monero makes it very easy to backup your account. When creating a Monero account for the first time you will be given a unique @mnemonic-seed for your account that consists of 13 or 25 words in the language of your choosing. **This seed is the only thing you need to backup for your account**, and so it is imperative that it is written down and stored securely. Never store this seed in a form or location that would allow someone else to see it!
List of available languages for your wallet's seed:
0 : Deutsch
1 : English
2 : Español
3 : Français
4 : Italiano
5 : Nederlands
6 : Português
7 : русский язык
8 : 日本語
9 : 简体中文 (中国)
10 : Esperanto
Enter the number corresponding to the language of your choice: 1
Generated new wallet: 4B15ZjveuttEaTmfZjLVioPVw7bfSmRLpSgB33CJbuC6BoGtZrug9TDAmhZEWD6XoFDGz55bgzisT9Dnv61sbsA6Sa47TYu
view key: 4130fa26463d9451781771a8baa5d0b8085c47c4500cefe4746bab48f1d15903
Your wallet has been generated.
To start synchronizing with the daemon, use "refresh" command.
Use "help" command to see the list of available commands.
Always use "exit" command when closing monero-wallet-cli to save your
current session's state. Otherwise, you might need to synchronize
your wallet again (your wallet keys are NOT at risk in any case).
PLEASE NOTE: the following 25 words can be used to recover access to your wallet. Please write them down and store them somewhere safe and secure. Please do not store them in your email or on file storage services outside of your immediate control.
aunt knuckle italics moisture hawk thorn iris abort
chlorine smog uphill glass aptitude nowhere sewage plywood
dual relic fierce divers anvil nodes bubble cabin abort
Starting refresh...
Refresh done, blocks received: 21939
Balance: 0.000000000000, unlocked balance: 0.000000000000
Background refresh thread started
[wallet 4B15Zj]: █
As the example above indicates, it is incredibly important to store these words in safe locations. If you are concerned about the risk of critical loss at your home, for instance, you may want to store a second copy of your seed with your attorney or in a safety deposit box. It is also recommended that it is stored in a way that does not make it obvious that it is your seed, so writing it into a letter or as part of other notes is advisable.
### Practicing Good Security
Over and above backing up your @mnemonic-seed so that you have access to your account in the event of critical data loss, it is also important to practice good security. Use a secure password when creating a local Monero account (not used on [MyMonero](https://mymonero.com) or other web-based account systems).
Don't ever give your Monero account password to anyone, as this can be used to access the Monero on your computer without knowing your @mnemonic-seed. Similarly, make sure you have running and up-to-date antivirus, especially on Windows computers. Finally, be careful when clicking links in emails or on unknown and untrusted websites, as malware installed on your computer can sit and wait for you to access your Monero account before taking the funds from it.
### Leaving Your Account to Next of Kin
Providing access to your Monero account to your next of kin is just as easy as it is to backup your Monero account. Simply leave your @mnemonic-seed to them in your will, or store it somewhere safe where it will be given to them upon the execution of your will. A key advantage to this is that your next of kin won't have to wait for months for a third party to release the funds to them.
entry: "Address Book"
tags: ["kovri"]
terms: ["Address-Book"]
summary: "Allows you to visit I2P websites/services that have the .i2p domain"
{% include untranslated.html %}
### The Basics
In order to browse @I2P sites or services with @Kovri, you'll need an address book. An address book will allow you to translate @I2P websites/services that use the `.i2p` [top-level domain](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top_level_domain) into an address that @I2P network will understand.
Without an address book, you would be stuck using a @base32-address every time you visit an @I2P website/service - and that's not fun!
### In-depth information
Since [DNS](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNS) does not exist on the @I2P network, @Kovri also does **not** use DNS or any sort of @canonically-unique-host resolution. Instead, Kovri pairs a @locally-unique-host to a @base64-address @destination in a @subscription. Once your address book is filled with a @subscription, you can resolve your favorite `.i2p` domain site into a usable @I2P destination.
### Creating an Address Book
By default, your installation will come with a default public @subscription called `hosts.txt` in your @data-directory. When @Kovri starts, it loads this subscription and fetches any other subscriptions you've specified. Once loaded, your address book will be appropriately filled. For details on how to manage subscriptions, see @subscription.
### Updating the Address Book
Currently, there are several ways to update your address book:
1. Use a @jump-service to insert I2P addresses into your address book
2. Use a @jump-service to copy/paste an address into your private @subscription
3. Manually add or subtract from a private @subscription
**Note: Kovri is in heavy development. In the future there *will* be easier ways to update the address book**
### Address Book / Naming specification
For specification details and more, visit the [Address Book and Naming Specification](https://geti2p.net/en/docs/naming)
entry: "Address"
terms: ["address", "addresses"]
summary: "either an alias, such as donate.getmonero.org, or a set of 95 characters starting with a 4"
{% include untranslated.html %}
### The Basics
When you send Monero to someone you only need one piece of information, and that is their Monero address. A *raw* Monero address is a set of 95 characters starting with a '4'. The Monero donation address, for instance, is <span class="long-term">44AFFq5kSiGBoZ4NMDwYtN18obc8AemS33DBLWs3H7otXft3XjrpDtQGv7SqSsaBYBb98uNbr2VBBEt7f2wfn3RVGQBEP3A</span>.
Because those addresses are long and complex, you will often encounter an @OpenAlias address instead. For example, Monero donations can be sent to <span class="long-term">[email protected]</span> or <span class="long-term">donate.getmonero.org</span>.
If you would like to get an @OpenAlias address of your own then there is some information on the [OpenAlias page](/resources/openalias).
### Integrated address
An integrated address is an address combined with an encrypted 64-bit @payment-ID. A raw integrated address is 106 characters long.
### In-depth Information
The address is actually the concatenation, in Base58 format, of the *public* @spend-key and the *public* @view-key, prefixed with the network byte (the number 18 for Monero) and suffixed with the first four bytes of the Keccac-256 hash of the whole string (used as a checksum).
entry: "Airgap"
terms: ["airgap"]
summary: "An airgap is a security measure to physically separate a computer or device from all other networks, such as the Internet."
{% include untranslated.html %}
### The Basics
"An air gap, air wall or air gapping is a network security measure employed on one or more computers to ensure that a secure computer network is physically isolated from unsecured networks, such as the public Internet or an unsecured local area network.[2] The name arises from the technique of creating a network that is physically separated (with a conceptual air gap) from all other networks. The air gap may not be completely literal, as networks employing the use of dedicated cryptographic devices that can tunnel packets over untrusted networks while avoiding packet rate or size variation can be considered air gapped, as there is no ability for computers on opposite sides of the gap to communicate."
Taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_gap_(networking)
entry: "Atomic Units"
terms: ["atomic-units", "atomic-unit"]
summary: "Atomic Units refer to the smallest fraction of 1 XMR."
{% include untranslated.html %}
### The Basics
Atomic Units refer to the smallest fraction of 1 XMR.
One atomic unit is currently 1e-12 XMR (0.000000000001 XMR, or one @piconero).
It may be changed in the future.
entry: "Base32 address"
tags: ["kovri"]
terms: ["Base32-address", "Base32-addresses"]
summary: "Base32 encoded hash of a Base64 address"
{% include untranslated.html %}
### The Basics
A Base32 address is a shortened, encoded version of an @I2P address. The Base32 address is the first part in a `.b32.i2p` hostname.
`i35yftyyb22xhcvghmev46t5knefur5v66qzekkajatwfwhyklvq` is the Base32 address.
### In-depth Information
Ultimately, a Base32 address is a 52 character [Base32 encoded representation](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Base32) of the full SHA-256 hash of an @I2P @base64-address.
### Notes
**Note: `.b32` is not a sub-domain of `.i2p`**
entry: "Base64 address"
tags: ["kovri"]
terms: ["Base64-address", "Base64-addresses"]
summary: "Base64 encoded I2P destination"
{% include untranslated.html %}
### The Basics
A @base64-address is a 516-character [Base64 encoded](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Base64) @I2P @destination. @base64-addresses are primarily used for @address-book, @jump-service, and also internally.
### In-depth Information
See @destination for details behind @base64-address
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