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ErCiccione: Multiple features and fixes for

erciccione requested to merge erciccione/ccs-proposals:master into master

The website needs improvements and I would like to dedicate more time to it, if accepted, this proposal will allow me to fix some long standing issues and add some needed features.
I realized that I always end up working way more hours than decleared in the CCS, so for this one I'm using a different, delivery based, approach:

I listed the issues I want to work on below. This proposal will be considered complete once all the issues mentioned are resolved and closed. The specific implementation of each issue will be based on feedbacks from the community, but most of them are self-explanatory.

Overhaul of the 'Downloads' page

I already started working on this issue. Right now I cannot afford to dedicate much time to it, but as soon as this proposal is accepted I'll make it my first priority. I will also contact translators asking them to translate the new page, but i cannot give a timeframe for when the translations will be ready, since that entirely depends on the translators themselves.

monero-site#997 (closed)

Onion mirror of

I think would be beneficial for the website to have a .onion mirror. The community expressed interest in this, but nobody went ahead and created it. The onion website would be managed by me, but right after the launch I will propose the core team to hand them the credentials. If they accept, good, otherwise, I will maintain it.

monero-site#958 (closed)

Add user guide on how to use bootstrapped blockchain

As explained in the issue, we provide the blockchain, but we don't say how to use it. I will create a user guide where all the steps are explained.

monero-site#980 (closed)

Improve 'Accepting Monero' section

THe Accepting Monero section is very old and technical, I want to update it and make it much simpler. All details in my comment on the issue.

monero-site#992 (comment 7283)

Add CI

I want to implement GitLab's Continuous Integration system, to allow us to automatically test the website and new PRs (something similar to the buildbots we have on GitHub). This will make life easier for maintainers and contributors. I will work with moneromooo (for installing the runner on our GitLab instance) and luigi1111 to make this happen. The resulting structure can be used by other repositories on the GitLab instance.

Add reference to mailing list

monero-site#1000 (closed)

Add structure for localized videos

This is something that has been in my todo list for some time. I think would be cool to give people the opportunity to have the video on the homepage of getmonero in their language. We already have the Brazilian Portuguese version waiting to be uploaded.

monero-site#952 (closed)

Add link or section where it's possible to download marketing material

monero-site#909 (closed)

Milestones and reward

As said at the beginning, this is a project-based CCS. It should be considered completed when all the points mentioned above are resolved. I'm asking 3000 Euros, at the rate of 1 XMR = 49 eur EUR makes a total of 60 XMR, to be rewarded at completition.

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