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Defcon equipment storage for one year

Diego Salazar requested to merge rehrar/ccs-proposals:defcon-storage into master

Heyo everyone. Diego here with a CCS proposal. As some of you may know, we raised funds last year for equipment that will be used at Defcon (and potentially other conferences). This equipment is currently in a storage unit in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's time to pay for another year for the storage space.

Also as some of you may know, there's a virus thingy going around and conferences are cancelled, including Defcon (which is now having an online conference which we may take part of). This means we won't be using the equipment this year, sadly. Still, it's not going anywhere for future years.

The total cost for the year is $1020. There is still 5 XMR leftover in the Defcon wallet (where sponsors donated to be a part), so that's $300 (assuming $60/XMR). That brings the total needed down to $720, or 12 XMR. Add a sub-10% buffer of 1 XMR and we get 13 XMR.

ajs is currently paying this out of pocket so the XMR will go to him. I'm just making the proposal. If this takes a while to fund I may pay him out of pocket so he's not out money for too long and it'll go to me. Something like that.


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