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Spanish localization proposal for the Monero Community

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Hello everyone,

Me @lh1008 again, by myself since 2018 from my first proposal Monero Outreach Communication Group Coordinator + translator. Since then a lot of things have been happening throughout the community and I feel happy to keep being part of the community and contribute with love.


Just to give you an update, I'm currently studying to be a Software Engineer so I can keep contributing to the community. I started last year on September and finished the first cycle in June. Since then I have been catching up with Monero Outreach work related and of course sharing all my life experience throughout the community.

What is this proposal about?

Spanish localization. I have seen that the Spanish localization has literally stopped. This has been in my thoughts for a long time now.

Who will complete the proposal?

Me @lh1008. Since I first knew about Monero and the community it was a kind of falling in love feeling. Not everyone agrees with me on this, but I do have really good feelings towards the community and what Monero represents to the world. Those who know me, know I have been moderating the Spanish community since 2017. I have been building my career with Monero like a lot of us who contribute actively through the community. We have seen how the market has burned our savings, how community contributors come and go, we have suffered, we have loved each other, we have hated each other, we have tortured ourselves, etc. etc..

Why is the proposal important for Monero and the community?

This is important because Spanish has 483 million world-wide native speakers. This could help Monero reach all that audience. This is kind of a cliché phrase, but it's the truth and we have a lot of work to do to reach individuals.

[Edited]This is also important because this could help level-up Spanish unfinished words for the getmonero site. This proposal is basically to have the weblate web-site section ready. This proposal could also help, for future proposals, update latest Monero content, e.g. user/developer guides, tutorials, moneropedia, etc.

Milestones and Projected Timeline

From inside the Monero Outreach I have personally started working a compensation model that has given us an important rate and a period of execution time. I went to (weblate) and as by 20 of August of 2020 this is what I found:

For a total of 9,329 strings, 4,871 words have been translated. There words in red (Strings needing action - 4,458 words; Not translated strings - 3,509 words; Strings marked for edit - 949 words; Strings with any failing checks - 1,233 words), words in blue (String with suggestions - 579 words; Strings needing action without suggestions - 3,879 words), and words in yellow (Failed check: Unchanged translation - 796 words; Failed check: Trailing newline - 158 words; Failed check: Double space - 293 words; Failed check: Trailing stop - 239 words; Failed check: Trailing colon - 15 words; Failed check: Trailing exclamation - 44 words; Failed check: Mismatching line breaks - 158 words).

I added up the colored words and this is what I got:

  • 10,149 red
  • 4,458 blue
  • 1,703 yellow

Total of 16,310 words that need work.

In the compensation model we have been working the following rate:


0.1 XMR - 1000 words


0.025 XMR - 1000 words

During our experience working with translations and reviews, this job could take an estimated time of ~81,55 hrs of work.

16,310 words / 200 translated or reviewed words/hr = 81,55 hrs

Taking into consideration that I also do volunteered work for the Monero Outreach, I could spend 2 daily hours (5 days in a week) to help get the Spanish translation out in a period of estimated time of 2 months or less if possible (10 weekly hours).

For this work, I'm asking the amount of 10 XMR distributed like this:

  • Red words = For translation
  • Blue and Yellow = To be reviewed
  • 10,149 red words - 1.0149 XMR (0.1 XMR - 1000 words)
  • 4,458 blue words - 0.11145 XMR (0.025 XMR - 1000 words)
  • 1,703 yellow words - 0.042575 XMR (0.025 XMR - 1000 words)

Total of 1.168925 XMR

For every hour of work I will ask for 0.10334106 XMR, for a total of 8,427463443 XMR.

0.10334106 XMR/hr * 81,55 hrs = 8,427463443 XMR

For a total of 9,596388443 XMR for work and a bonus of 0,403611557 XMR.

1.168925 XMR + 8,427463443 XMR + 0,403611557 XMR = 10 XMR

This proposal is meant to last for 2 months. First milestone will be 40 hrs of work for September and 40 hrs of work for October.

When these milestones are reached, I will continue with the wallets and whatever other contents that are available for translations.

Thank you for your reading and time.

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