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Mastering Monero Spanish Translation

lh1008 requested to merge lh1008/ccs-proposals:es_mastering_monero into master
layout: cp
title: Spanish Mastering Monero
author: lh1008
date: 16 Nov 2020
amount: 24
  - name: Milestone 1 - 60 hours of work
    funds: 8
    done: 31 December 2020
    status: unfinished
  - name: Milestone 2 - 60 hours of work
    funds: 8
    done: 31 January 2020
    status: unfinished
  - name: Milestone 3 - 60 hours of work
    funds: 8
    done: 28 February 2020
    status: unfinished
  - date:
  - date:

Hello everyone,

Once again reaching to the community for service. This time to deliver more content to the community.

What is this proposal about?

This proposal is about translating Mastering Monero to Spanish.

Who will complete the proposal?

@walle-groot and I (@lh1008) are bringing this proposal to the commnunity.

Why is the proposal important for Monero and the community?

This proposal is important to outreach the Spanish community. Some important data about Spanish: there are over 500 million people who speak Spanish (437 are native speakers), 20 countries have it as native language, and it's the second most spoken language around the world. What we've learned through the years working with Monero and learning about blockchain technology is that it's hard to understand. It's not that easy to learn about Monero and it's harder to understand the terminology. So, what has helped us? The amount of content available to read about the techonology and the guides we can find in the Internet, that most of them, to not say all, are in English. So, every word we add to our understanding gives us the opportunity to understand the technology better and to be able to help others understand what Monero is. So this proposal is to help others understand what Monero is.

Milestones and Projected Timeline

Taking into consideration I'm a volunteer in the Monero Outreach workgroup and @walle-groot has a daily job we have to distribute working hours during the week.

Mastering Monero has 37,151 words. We have an estimation of 200 words translated per hour and dividing that number by 200 gives us the amount of ~185 hours of work.

37,151 words/200 hrs/words = 185.755 hours

We are asking the total amount of 24 XMR distributed like this:

3.1 months of work. ~62 hours a month, 15.5 hours per week.

We have an hourly rate of:

  • 0.095057035 XMR/hrs * 185 hrs = 17,58555055 XMR

Translation rate per word 0.1 XMR/1000 words:

  • 37,151 words * 0.0001 XMR = 3,7151 XMR

Review rate per word 0.025 XMR/1000 words:

  • 37,151 words * 0.000025 XMR = 0,928775 XMR

Bonus for work executed:

  • 1,77057445 XMR

Total = 24 XMR

This proposal is meant to last 3 months and 1 week.

  • First milestone (December): ~62 hrs of work with ~12,400 translated/reviewed words.
  • Second milestone (January): ~62 hrs of work with ~12,400 translated/reviewed words.
  • Third mileston (February): ~62 hrs of work with ~12,400 translated/reviewed words.

We are always happy to help the community.

Thank you for your reading and time. We hope we can serve the community again.

**Once the proposal goes to funding, dates can change if the proposal goes to funding by December it could move one month ahead.


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