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More moneromooo work on monero


After a hiatus, I'm back for more monero work.

This will be part time again, and with a main goal of working on mitigations for various attempts at abusing the network (which I've started working on already in the last couple weeks or so) including PoW on connect. Possibly also helping sarang plug his implementation of Bulletproofs++ into Monero consensus, if he does not do it himself. And the usual bits and bobs as always.

Here's the link to my previous CCS: !103 (merged)

With the usual rate of $30 + 0.2 monero per hour, and monero at $130 currently, we get 225 monero for three months (which will be more than three calendar months, since part time, how much more depends on how I divide my time between monero and other things). As before, I'll post monthly updates regardless of how much time I actually spent on Monero that month.


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