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Adding lh1008_study_fund CCS proposal

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Hello everyone,

Once again reaching the community to keep building the blocks of Monero.

What is this proposal about?

This proposal is to fund my specialization studies in 'Low-level, algorithms & blockchain' at Holberton School. This is not to pay for my studies but to help me pay my bills while I study. This is a 60 weekly/hour program. Next week, January 18th the specialization starts. My studies started in September 9th of 2019. I have been sponsoring myself but this has been really hard so this is why I'm reaching out to the community.

Who will complete the proposal?

Me, @lh1008, will complete this proposal. For those who know me and for those who don't know me, I have been around in the community since 2016. I'm an active member in the Monero Outreach Workgroup ( since its foundations (2018). I have also been moderating the Spanish community before entering the Monero Outreach Workgroup too. I have done Spanish translations for the community as volunteer and also in a completed CCS proposal. I have also contributed actively in the community to outreach Monero to the world in several languages as Monero Outreach's workgroup coordinator, and whenever I find something in the site or in the wallets (unusual behavior) I always report it to the community (I know there are a lot of community members reporting bugs and stuff but for this CCS proposal I'm calling it by convenience).

Why is the proposal important for Monero and the community?

This proposal is important to help community members commit to Monero development, have more specialized workforce in the community, and help strengthen the code.

Milestones and Projected Timeline

The program is divided into trimesters, I already did foundations (first three trimesters), this is the continuation of the program. This is an overview of the program and its topics:

This is the website overview ( Below you can see more details on how the program is:

Fourth Trimester

  • C

    • Intermediate Programming
      • Clean C code
      • Creating and understanding “ls” and “getline” functions
    • Shell v2
    • Executable and Linkable Format
    • Signals
  • Python

    • /proc filesystem
  • x86 Assembly

    • Introduction
      • Intel vs. AT&T syntaxes
      • Different x86 GPR and flag registers
      • Stack Frame

Fifth Trimester

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

    • Advanced Trees
    • Graphs
    • Huffman coding
  • CPython

    • Introduction
  • C / Linux

    • Advanced Programming
      • Creating own strace and malloc
    • Sockets and Multithreading
    • How to create a simple HTTP server
    • Concurrency in C

Sixth Trimester

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

    • Pathfinding
    • N-ary Trees
  • Blockchain

    • Crypto
    • Data Structures
    • Wallets and Transactions
    • Data validation
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