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German translation of Monero Means Money (subtitles) and Sound Money, Safe Mode (subtitles)

Hello everybody, this is Wobole again :)

What and Why

I’m proposing to translate the subtitles of “Monero Means Money” and “Sound Money, Safe Mode” via Weblate. As I wrote in my last proposal, I feel a thorough localization of the (often pretty complex) world around Monero to be extremely useful, both for intermediates as well as potential future users who are just diving into the matter but are also keen to understand the technical and economic advantages and complexities Monero comprises. And frankly, it would simply be a pity having such high-quality educational and factful contents around which are accessible, but not understandable for many people. I’d really enjoy to change that.


I have translated a lot of strings and am one of the most active translators and suggestors on the Monero Weblate platform. Feel free to take a look at my Weblate profile for an impression of my activities. After having translated a significant amount of the GUI wallet, some parts of the CLI wallet and most of the website (all as a volunteer) I was happy to be funded by the community for translating the User Guides and the Moneropedia entries on (and to be able to push for some consistency within the German localization :)). See the related proposal in the CCS.

Proposal and milestones

This proposal includes the following two milestones:

  1. Translation of the subtitles of “Monero Means Money”
  2. Continued translation of the subtitles of “Sound Money, Safe Mode”

The “Monero Means Money” subtitles comprise 11,689 words, the subtitles of “Sound Money, Safe Mode” 12,405 words. 62 strings of the latter have been translated already; averaging a string with roughly 6,25 words multiplied by 62 makes almost 390 already translated words. For the 1st milestone this equals 4.9 XMR and for the 2nd 5 XMR, totalling up to 9.9 XMR. As with the last paid translations and of course the voluntary ones I’m looking forward to delivering high-quality translations to help making Monero more and more used and adopted internationally. If this proposal gets funded, I am going to start working on the translations immediately, and I believe to finish both milestones within a maximum of two months.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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