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Create Educational Content in Spanish

Lovera requested to merge xmrLovera/ccs-proposals:Educational-Content into master


Hello friends and Monero Fam, Lovera Here! This is my second funding request for my work and I want to be as transparent as possible. I am seeking funding from the community to working on Monero related projects all days full time. Im truly thankful for all the support i have received from the community and my sponsor Cakewallet.

Currently I work a little less part-time on monero projects (Videos, guides, website,etc), mainly due to the fact that I have to dedicate time to my work (9-17). Actually the Monero News in my main YouTube channel (5 Videos per month) are sponsored by Cakewallet. Also i have another sponsor (localcryptos) that support my content for Monero, Bitcoin and mining But if I am going to dedicate myself full time to Monero and quit my job, I will need much more, so the plan is to take the leap full-time.


I'm Lovera, creator of and YouTube Channel LoveraTV I'm a big fan, support and contributor of Monero. Since 2019 I am actively sharing educational content about Monero on my social networks. I’m creating educational videos about Monero, writing guides and tutorials in Spanish. I also translate into Spanish everything related to Monero and post it on my website. You can check my Guides and articles here:

And my Videos about Monero

¿What is the proposal about?

I just created an independet YouTube Channel (LoveraXMR) where i will share Monero only content At the same time, i will share this content (with some little modifications in the video) in my main channel (LoveraTV) To reach a greater number of users.

Milestones and projected schedule

LoveraXMR YouTube Channel Milestones

  • Go From 30 to over 1k Suscribers on YouTube
  • Created 4 short Videos per month about Monero News (weekly)
  • Created 4 Short Video per month (Q&A) about Monero
  • Created at less 2 Video Tutorial about Monero per Month (Wallets, GUI Wallet, Node in differents OS, etc)
  • Created 1 Video per month in format Podcast with some members of Spanish Community
  • Created at less 1 Video per month About Monero Mining and promote descentralized p2pool
  • Continue to improve our studio and production quality

LoveraTV YouTube Channel Milestones

  • Go From 9k to over 15k sucribers on YouTube
  • Created at less 1 Video Tutorial per month About Monero (Same (with some modifications) or different than the one published in XMRLovera)
  • Refer users in each video sponsored by cakewallet (LoveraTV) to the videos created in XMRLovera

Satoshilove (Website)

  • Create quality educational content by my self for the Spanish-speaking community. The objective is to transmit the benefits, characteristics and importance of Monero for financial privacy, through guides and articles. (at less 2 per month)
  • Translate and publish in my web site important and valuable articles and guides from diferents Monero Community ussers (At less 2 per month)
  • Translate into spanish and publish in my web site every MRL meeting Logs
  • Work in Moneropedia in
  • Translation articles, news and other materials into Spanish and publish in
  • maintance of the site

Why it is important for Monero and the community?

Monero is an incredible project, but there are many false beliefs and ignorance about it in the Spanish-speaking community. By providing more quality content in Spanish, we will be able to raise awareness in the Spanish community about the importance of financial privacy, about the importance and role that Monero plays in our financial activity.

How much and Payouts?

A good work must be paid or rewarded, specially if this contribute to a good cause. Payment on first days of every month during 3 months for my upcoming work 7$ / hour / 1.10- XMR a week or 4,5 XMR per month for 160 hours of work, Usually I spend much more time for my work (about 10 hours a day). In total: 4,4 XMR per Month 13.5 XMR for three months starting from December.

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