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netrik182 continued translation coordination (3 months)

Translation Coordinator for the Monero Project

My first proposal is now completed and I would like to continue working as translation coordinator for the upcoming months. You can read more about the initial proposal here, also read the reports in the comments and on reddit.

As stated before, the Monero Project has always benefited from having well structured and consistent translations across its many resources and I want to keep that going.

My profiles

Previous Work

You can read a detailed list in my first proposal.


Responsibilities remain the same as before, summarized as:

  1. Manage translators and their work on Weblate for the following projects:
  1. Manage translators and their work on GitHub for the following projects:
  1. Maintain a list of contributors and their working language;
  2. Take care of translations-related CCS (the current system is not optimal and needs to be improved. See more bellow.);
  3. Maintain translation documentation on different repositories;
  1. Answer questions and coordinate people in the chat-rooms (#monero-translations on Libera/Matrix)
  2. Make sure when there are translations available on Weblate, they are pushed upstream (repository they belong to)
  3. Provide updates to the community about the state of the translations and workgroup-related activities during #monero-community meetings
  4. Issue progress reports on a monthly basis as GitLab comments and share within the community (e.g. Reddit/Matrix/IRC)

Limitation of Scope

Core Team is looking for someone to manage the backend structure as ErCiccione announced they're stepping down (update Weblate, bug issues, etc). I will maintain the languages on Weblate, help and find translators, update the documentation, etc. as highlighted above.

Milestones and Funding

Now I would like to keep this CCS as 3-months proposals for long-term commitment. This proposal will consist of about 20h/week from December 1st, 2021 to February 28th, 2022 at a rate of 30€/h I'm rounding to 45 XMR (1 xmr = 170€ at Kraken). Translation coordination work covers the whole process of managing translations, community members, weblate and the repositories. We're are still having many merging conflicts on Weblate and some integrations are not working properly. Resolving that will ensure we have a friction-free process.


December 31, 2021

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