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Let more people use XMR, telegram push, small transactions done in seconds, docker private deployment, provide free API service

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  • Build a set of out-of-the-box programs so that more people can use XMR, for example: websites, stores, kiosks, vending machines, donations, rewards, etc.
  • Implement instant telegram push notification/callback URL, so that monero's small transactions are completed in seconds.
  • Provides a stable, permanently free API service that allows users with no development experience, as well as other third-party programs to quickly use monero to complete transactions.
  • Provide docker container images to facilitate users' private deployment.
  • The server back-end technology stack is nginx module, redis, luajit, to ensure very low resource consumption and very high response speed.
  • More concise information and community discussions are here.

Importance to the community

  • Improve the transaction volume of monero, so that more people and more scenarios can use monero.
  • Let users really experience small transactions done in seconds and enhance the adoption scenario of monero.
  • Every transaction has instant push notification, which can make monero as easy to use as traditional banks.

Who I am

  • I have 10+ years of full stack development experience, proficient in linux/web/android development, proficient in c/c++/java/javascript/python/go/lua(jit)/php.
  • Currently living in Hong Kong, I need to remain anonymous given the Hong Kong environment, so without further ado, please see the final output.


Rate: 50 USD + 0.3 XMR
Hours: 3 months @ 100 hours/month = 300hrs
XMR equivalent: 90 + (50*300)/USD_EXCHANGE_RATE XMR
USD_EXCHANGE_RATE: set from 14-day EMA on a major exchange when merging proposal
I will cover the server costs, and the funds for the purchase of a nice domain name. If there are very many users in the future, causing the server overhead to grow a lot, I will present the server bill and initiate a new CCS.

Milestones and expenditures

Milestone 1

Date: CCS_FUNDED_DATE + 30 days
Amount: 30 + (50*100)/USD_EXCHANGE_RATE XMR

  1. Web front-end development: Basic website page development, user console development (login/register/setup/add notification wallet).
  2. Server backend development: complete the development of the callback URL component for each transaction information of the wallet.
  3. Complete domain name purchase and server deployment.

Milestone 2

Date: First milestone + 30 days.
Amount: 30 + (50*100)/USD_EXCHANGE_RATE XMR

  1. Web front-end development: API-token generation/destruction, complete transaction function closed loop (submit amount -> generate payment address -> wait for payment completion -> transaction instant notification).
  2. Server backend development: Completed development of instant telegram push notifications, completed development of multi-currency and XMR real-time exchange rate components.

Milestone 3

Date: Second milestone + 30 days.
Amount: 30 + (50*100)/USD_EXCHANGE_RATE XMR

  1. Complete the web development (help center and API documentation page) and finish the official operation of the free API service.
  2. Complete high concurrent transaction stress testing, optimization processing.
  3. Complete common web vulnerability scanner scans and fix hardening.
  4. Release docker container image to facilitate private deployment.

Expiration date.

October 30, 2022, if it gets funded early, then I can keep to the expected schedule and get to work quickly, thank you very much.

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