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I am known in the community as midipoet. I have been an active contributor for quite a number of years now, and would like to think that I have earned a level of trust from the community at large.

I have been involved in the Monero Policy Working Group since its inception, contributing directly to all the policy consultations we have done over the last year or so. - more info here, here, here, and here.

I have also conducted research on Monero, working to produce a respected journal paper for a three star academic journal. More info here.

I am also part of the organising team for MoneroKon 2022, being involved from the start for all the heavy lifting.

Over the years, I have given a number of talks on Monero, funded by the community (thank you!). More info here and here

In 2019, I attended the Oslo Freedom Forum on a ‘reconnaissance’ mission, to give a talk, and also to hold a fringe event. More info here.


Now that we are back to in person event, I would like to attend the 2022 Oslo Freedom Forum - May 23-25 2022 in Oslo - and more specifically like to attend the Financial Freedom Track. I think this is extremely important for two predominant reasons.

  1. The Monero Policy Working Group (and the Monero community at large) should try and have a representation at these sorts of events to understand what the narrative being pushed is, and HOW it is being pushed. This is especially important when the overarching message is “Bitcoin is good for censorship resistance and the pursuit of liberty and freedom”. We all know that this is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS message - if not communicated alongside the requirement for privacy, decentralisation, and fungibility - that only Monero ACTUALLY provides.
  2. It gives the Monero community a choice to raise a voice - similar to being a raconteur - to stand up to the BTC maxi narratives and to ensure that the “Bitcoin is the answer narrative is met with sound political, technical, and ideological pushback.


In 2019 we were lucky enough to be invited to host a fringe event at the Oslo Freedom Forum. We did not get the same invite this year - but were provided with free tickets to attend and a warm invite from Alex Gladstein (the Chief Strategy Officer).

I have recently given a podcast talk, on the Exit Strategy podcast, in response to Gladstein’s maxi narrative. You can listen to this here and the original Gladstein talk here.

I am happy to donate my time to going, attend the event, and to provide a report to the community on the narrative, discussions and overarching message/propoganda that is being pushed.

I also think it is a good opportunity to hand out info/flyers at the event, and I will work to ensure I attend with a number of flyers/info sheets in pursuit of this.

Exit Strategy podcast has also agreed to interview me after the event to provide an update. I plan to use that opportunity to discuss the inherent dangers of promoting the BTC narrative in discussions in human rights, censorship resistance, etc. I would also use that opportunity to call out the ill-informed narratives that are pushed both at the event, and in the wider BTC community. It is time now to start taking the message seriously.


I propose half of the XMR being paid out to allow me to pay for flights and hotels. I have priced hotel at ~ €200 per night (same hotel I stayed at in 2019), and flights at ~€300 (sub-total of €1100)

I propose a stipend for food of €50 per day for four days (sub-total €200).

I also propose writing a report and partaking in an Exit Strategy podcast. My time for this would be approximately 6 hours at €50 p/h (sub-total €300).

I also include printing costs for 200 flyer/info sheets (€100), similar to the ones we did for Oslo Freedom Forum 2019.

In total this is €1700.

At the current market rate of ~€200, this is 8.5 XMR.


As I would like to get the accommodation and flight booked asap, I propose an expiration of 1st May on the CCS, and an expiration of the whole CCS of 1st July. Though this would also depend on the interview with Exit Strategy podcast.


8.5 XMR.

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