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Monero business kit

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"Monero business kit" is an open source monero business solution. You can choose to use the public service site (zero deployment) or you can compile and deploy it yourself.

It makes it easier for merchants to accept monero and easier for developers or users to use monero.

Users can get instant notifications of every transaction, merchants can create their own online stores with one click #DEMO#, it has APIs so you can quickly let other programs to use monero, and it also has IoT examples so you can make your own IoT hardware to use with monero.

Whether your role at the moment is a regular user/developer or a merchant, someday your role changes and you can get a consistent experience.

Don't think the functionality is complicated, Take a look at #Console Screenshot#

It is implemented via redis + nginx modules (c/c++/lua) for high efficiency/high security/high compatibility/low resource consumption.


  • All functions only need viewkey, support multiple wallets, no money pool, all transactions directly to the user's wallet.
  • Applicable to a wide range of people, users can use the public service site (zero deployment), can also be privatized deployment, seamless switching.
  • Covering common monero use scenarios, one program can solve most of the problems now and in the future.
  • Transactions can be completed in seconds, you can experience through #Private Web Store Demo#.
  • Free, open source, provide docker image. All features are implemented from scratch by hand, and is not an "existing open source module integration".

Functions, applicable people and usage scenarios

  • Ordinary users, or recipients of donations
    • Get instant notifications(telegram, email, etc...) for free. Receive notifications within seconds for every transaction #Console Screenshot#
    • Donate page / QR code to receive money, instant exchange rate calculation #DEMO#
  • Sellers, people who want to create online stores to sell their goods
    • No development skills required, one click to have a private online store (free/secure/private/24 hours business/auto shipping/domain and data are controlled by yourself/no limit goods/complete transactions in seconds) #DEMO#
  • Developers, people who want to make a program use monero
    • This program will provide API to facilitate you to do extended development, and third party programs can use monero with just one POST request.
  • IoT hardware developers
    • I will provide Arduino/MQTT example (based API), convenient for you to make your own hardware (vending machine, unlock after payment, control relay after payment, display content after payment, play audio after payment, etc...)

As shown in #Console Screenshot#, each function is concise and clear, you can turnoff a function if you don't use it for a while, and it does not consume any resources after turnoff.


Rate: 50 USD + 0.3 XMR
Hours: 3 months @ 100 hours/month = 300hrs
XMR equivalent: 90 + (50*300)/USD_EXCHANGE_RATE XMR
USD_EXCHANGE_RATE: set from 14-day EMA on a major exchange when merging proposal
I will cover the server costs, and the funds for the purchase of a nice domain name. I mean "this project is completely free".
[update] I want to be more friendly to participate in monero building, so I lowered the requirement to 99 XMR.

Milestones and expenditures

Milestone 1

Date: 22 days
Amount: 27
Domain purchase and server deployment. Development of the "Notice" module. Front-end design of the public website.
Milestone completion acceptance content:
"Notice(Instant Transaction Notification)" module and public website (zero deployment) are available.

Milestone 2

Date: 14 days
Amount: 13
Development of "Collect" module.
Milestone completion acceptance content:
"Collect(QR Code Receipt/Receive Donation/Linkage Instant Transaction Notification)" module is available.

Milestone 3

Date: 16 days
Amount: 18
Development of "API" module.
Milestone completion acceptance content:
"API" module and "API documentation" are available.

Milestone 4

Date: 18 days
Amount: 20
Development of "Merchant" module.
Milestone completion acceptance content:
"Merchant(One click to open a store/Linkage Instant Transaction Notification)" module is available.

Milestone 5

Date: 20 days
Amount: 21
Web vulnerability scanner scans and fix. Release stable version and docker image. Arduino/MQTT related development (realize using monero on IoT hardware, release source code and tutorials).
Milestone completion acceptance content:
Security scan reports, release stable version code, docker image, IoT example and code.

Expiration date

December 30, 2022.

To prove my commitment to completing the whole proposal, I have shown the demo belonging to "Milestone 4" (private online store) and the demo belonging to "Milestone 2" (collection function). Although the front-end of the demo is still relatively rudimentary, the functionality is ready to use, and I will try to complete the whole proposal as efficiently as possible.

Thank you very much.

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