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Seraphis Wallet PoC 2 funding proposal

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Hi all, I closed out my previous Seraphis Wallet PoC CCS after consuming all the hours. There are additional tasks I would like to work on. For background on this CCS, please see the links in the previous sentence.

Continuing work

Here are the tasks I hope to finish by the end of this CCS. As before, these will be implemented in my seraphis_lib branch.

  • Add tx builder plumbing for discretized tx fees (see the 04/20/22 MRL meeting for a discussion).
  • Consider using 16-byte address indices (instead of 7), with 2-byte encoded address index MACs (instead of 1).
  • Implement a robust 'input selection' solver that takes advantage of statically-determinable tx weights.
  • Implement a maximally-efficient and generic enote-scanning workflow.
  • Build a wallet proof-of-concept that demonstrates all the 'transaction engineering' capabilities and implementation modularity of Seraphis/Jamtis. My goal is to have unit tests representing all the main workflows possible with Seraphis, and all the main wallet implementations necessary (i.e. mock-ups of interfaces that could potentially be developed into full-fledged wallet software).
  • Test out using x25519 for enote ECDH instead of ed25519, which may speed up enote scanning by a non-trivial amount (>10%).
  • Miscellaneous code cleanup (mostly update/add comments, cleanup TODOs).

As usual, I will also lump all the miscellaneous Monero R&D tasks that I work on into this CCS (e.g. in the last period I did more review/work on multisig security patches, among other things).


  • Rate: 50 USD + 0.2 XMR
  • Hours: 16 weeks @ 20hr/wk = 320hrs
  • XMR equivalent: 64 + (50*320)/USD_EXCHANGE_RATE XMR
  • USD_EXCHANGE_RATE: set from 14-day EMA on a major exchange
    • 201 USD/XMR at 1200 UTC 05/11/2022 w/ 14-day EMA on Kraken -> 144 XMR total

If I require more time, and the community supports it, then I may make another proposal to extend the hours.

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