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Seraphis Library Work funding proposal

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Hi all, I closed out my previous Seraphis Wallet PoC CCS after consuming all the hours. There are additional tasks I would like to work on. For background on this CCS, please see the links above.

In the last CCS period I decided that an actual wallet proof-of-concept is too ambitious. My more modest/realistic goal is to complete the Seraphis library so wallets can be (relatively) easily built.

Continuing work

Here are the tasks I hope to finish by the end of this CCS (a continuing refrain, maybe some day my list will have no more items). As before, these will be implemented in my seraphis_lib branch.

  • Legacy/Seraphis integration so old cryptonote-style enotes can be spent in Seraphis transactions.
  • Seraphis-style coinbase transaction type.
  • Test out tevador's x25519 library for enote ECDH instead of ed25519, which may speed up enote scanning by a non-trivial amount (>10%). (big thanks to @tevador for putting that library together)
  • Miscellaneous code cleanup (mostly update/add comments, cleanup TODOs).
  • Update the Seraphis draft, which I have not touched for 6 months.

As usual, I will also lump all the miscellaneous Monero R&D tasks that I work on into this CCS (e.g. in the last period I did more review/work on multisig security patches, among other things).


  • Rate: 50 USD + 0.2 XMR
  • Hours: 12 weeks @ 20hr/wk = 240hrs
  • XMR equivalent: 48 + (50*240)/USD_EXCHANGE_RATE XMR
  • USD_EXCHANGE_RATE: set from 14-day EMA on a major exchange
    • 163 USD/XMR at 0045 UTC 08/18/2022 w/ 14-day EMA on Kraken -> 122 XMR total

If I require more time, and the community supports it, then I may make another proposal to extend the hours.

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