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CypherPunk Radio

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CypherPunk Radio

A new era for all the CypherPunks in the Monero community!


We are a duo of Monero enthusiasts.

With this project we are building a place for all the new CypherPunks out there.



Insane Crypto Maniac

More on CypherPunk Radio

CypherPunk Radio will provide music of different genres suggested by everyone. Also it will be structured with different rooms, divided by genre, and one of them will be 'Community room'. In this room everyone will be able to add their own music, downloaded directly from YouTube.

Everything will be in your hands, as we want this project to be as community driven as possible.

Beside providing lots of music TalkShows and News will also be made. News will collected by us and streamed using Text2Speech directly onto the dedicated room.

The schedule of all of this is unsure yet, but with some help and suggestions everything will come together :)

Privacy and security will also be a strong point of the radio since we decided to make the streaming available over Tor / I2P only, a clearnet landing page will be used anyway as it's easier to access for everyone.

A bit of context

This all born casually. One day I was looking at the MoneroJobs telegram channel and I saw that the MoneroTopia team was searching for a new speaker to continue their weekly price reports. I shared this offer with my friend and he replied me the next morning with this message: "Moi nah man we need make our own radio show".

And now, here we are :)

This idea started on Octor 9th 2022 and we have been working hard on it since then.

How funds will be used?

The first 2.27 XMR will be used to buy 2 different VPSs and the domain:

  • A bigger one used to host the music database + the streaming server
  • A smaller one as proxy with frontends

The cost of the bigger one is of $24.67 per month for 6 months, while the cost of the smaller one is of $8,5 per month for 12 months plus $30 monthly of domain.

At current price ($128.35) this makes a total of 2.27 XMR.

The other 3.0 XMR of the other 2 milestones will be used to fund our time for maintenance, price drops and general work on the radio and will be splitted in 2 equal parts between us.

Milestone 1 - 'Finish and release software'

The first milestone will be completed after the news system and all the other parts of the radio will be 100% finished and ready to be deployed.

For now the next ideas to be implemented will be:

  • News system (TTS)
  • Simple chat for every music room
  • Define all rooms
  • Start creating music database [that will be public]

All the software written will be open and accessible to everyone on GitHub and Gitea.

Milestone 2 - 'Make operational'

This second milestone will be completed after the radio is going to be up and running with all the mirrors.

Milestone 3 - 'TalkShows and news'

This second milestone will be completed after the first TalkShow and News will be streamed successfully.

Want to ask something or know more?

We already created some channels to help everyone interested to come discuss directly with us about any CypherPunk topic and know more about the radio:

Telegram: @cypherpunkradio

XMPP: [email protected]

IRC: #cypherpunk-radio (OFTC)


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