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Empower Lebanon(and similar hyperinflated countries) to use Monero instead of fiat(educational and bartering platform/guerilla marketing/workshops)

I have been active in the Monero online community since the start of the economic crisis in Lebanon(hyperinflation, banks basically stealing people's savings and have been getting people to use Monero for bartering for services mainly on telegram groups).
The idea behind this proposal is to get enough funds so I can sustain myself and work on this platform full-time.
I am a software developer by profession so I will be working on the development part, as well as writing relevant content- especially in arabic since the space is lacking in this field. Most neighboring countries are facing similar issues to Lebanon, albeit not the same severity YET. So onboarding third worlders to use what in my humble opinion, Bitcoin was aiming to be is relevant to the XMR community, as well as getting more true adoption.
The first milestone will always be on-going but having to print out stickers and posters does incur some costs and I can't handle them by myself due to the depreciation of the currency.
Coding the website will take around a month to have a fully functional platform.
The content and translation should take about two weeks and the last milestone will be a celebration to allow like-minded XMR users to meet in real life as well as watch Sound money, Safe mode by Dr.Daniel Kim which is the most recommended starter talk to get to know how XMR is true digital cash.
After getting funded the timeline would be two months at worst
5 XMR for guerilla marketing: Posting stickers/printing flyers to distribute around Beirut to get more attention
10 XMR for UI/UX
20 XMR for the webapp codebase
10 XMR for content writing
5 XMR for success gathering party

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