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koe seraphis library work 2

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Hi all, I closed out my previous Seraphis Library Work CCS after consuming all the hours. There are additional tasks I would like to work on. For background on this CCS, please see the links in the previous sentence.

In the previous CCS I finished adding new things to the seraphis library, and from here on mainly have cleanup tasks left.

Continuing work

Here are the tasks I hope to finish by the end of this CCS.

  • Complete the 'final draft' of my seraphis library (finish my cleanup and review pass).
  • Update the Seraphis paper draft.

This CCS should be a long-term one, with intermittent hours spent on miscellaneous Monero R&D tasks and working with Monero devs on seraphis library reviews and PRs. I may also update the seraphis library to replace BP+2 with BP++ at some point.


  • Rate: 50 USD + 0.2 XMR
  • Hours: 240hrs
  • XMR equivalent: 48 + (50*240)/USD_EXCHANGE_RATE XMR
  • USD_EXCHANGE_RATE: set from 14-day EMA on a major exchange
    • 155 USD/XMR at 2325 UTC 01/11/2023 w/ 14-day EMA on Kraken -> 125 XMR total
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