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P2P Publisher - Monerotopia Mexico City

•	¿What the proposal is about?.

The P2P Publisher - Monerotopia Mexico City proposal Its objective is to disseminate Monero as a project, and put aside the belief that it is one more "Crypto", and make clear what we propose in Monero, share the philosophy that derives from the manifesto Cryptoanarchist, Cypherpunk Manifesto, and the Monero Whitepaper.
I plan to reach Free Software communities in Mexico, universities, institutes and meetings of Free Software lovers in public places that are organized on weekends in that city.
I also plan to distribute and paste publicity about the project and Monerotopia Mexico City to cause curiosity among people, leave data such as:
*Social networks of Monero and Moneristas
*Cryptoanarchist and Cypherpunk manifestos
I will take photos and video of everything that is done to share it with all of you and that it be disseminated on social networks.

•	In front of this proposal?

I will complete this proposal, take care of all the technical and social details to reach as many people as possible within Mexico City, and manage all advertising that will be printed and distributed.
This advertising will be drawn from existing designs, I will also print Cryptoanarchist and Cypherpunk manifesto pamphlets, posters for poles, walls and much more.I currently live in Colombia, therefore in the budget I put the value of the airfare to and from Mexico.
As I explained in the previous paragraphs, I will be in charge of distributing monero advertising and generating multimedia content for this purpose, I will look for a way to open conversation spaces about the MoneroTopia event and especially Monero, to leave that seed of private money in people which I plan to reach.
I speak Spanish, I have the facility to explain Monero in this language, on a technical and philosophical level, I am also passionate about computers and Linux, I have been in those communities for years and I know that someone who talks to them about Monero with full impact will have a great impact on them. security security

•	Importance of this proposal for the Monero community.

I think that Mexico DF is an excellent entry opportunity since there are many foreigners from Asia, Europe, Canada, North America and Latin America in that city, who may be interested in learning about Monero and using it in their daily lives, such as paying in restaurants, products and services online, and even to send and receive remittances in a private and untaxable way.
At the level of Spanish speakers Monero is very unknown, there is only a bad image of the project and I think that a lot of pedagogy is needed to change that perception.
That is why I think that this proposal is fundamental for Monero in Latin America, to directly reach these niches that currently promulgate the values of freedom at the code level, but not at the level of decentralized money, and I see that if we manage to reach them before of MoneroTopia, we will attract many more people until the event is bursting with attendees curious to learn and understand Monero.
This is just a seed, in order to germinate a genuine interest and appreciation for the project in this region of the world, I know that after this, Monero will grow much more in Monero defenders of privacy and freedom.

•	Milestones and projected timeline 

This initiative will have 5 total work weeks divided as follows.
Week 1. Management, printing and collection of publicity, recognition of concurrency areas for audiovisual material, visualization of meeting places for computer scientists and Hacktivists. First contacts to request conversation spaces in private groups and institutions.

Week 2. Exhibition of posters about Monero, distribution of flyers about MoneroTopia and the project. First contacts with institutions in the areas of computing and economics, first audiovisual materials for the community.

Week 3. First meetings with IT groups from institutions, extended conversations about monero, its history and its development up to the present. Continuation with audiovisual material in strategic places.

Week 4. Intensification of posters in visible places with messages about Monero and MoneroTopia. Weekend workshops with groups of Hacktivists and those interested in privacy.

Week 5. Direct invitation with flyers to MoneroTopia in the nerve centers of Mexico City, last meetings-workshops on Monero before the general public (Crypto-investors) and people in general interested in the project
I work from Monday to Saturday, without fixed hours, generally in the afternoons beforehand, and in the morning contacting those interested in providing the space for the talks via social networks and by phone.

An expiration date for the proposal. If it's not funded or finished by a certain time, the funds can be released to other proposals or the General Fund. This keeps things moving along in a timely fashion.

March 28 will be the deadline to gather at least 60% of the funds for this initiative.

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