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koe seraphis ongoing support

koe requested to merge koe/ccs-proposals:Seraphis-Ongoing-Support into master


Hi all, I closed out my previous Seraphis Library Work 2 CCS after consuming all the hours. There are additional tasks I would like to work on. For background on this CCS, please see the links in the previous sentence.

In the previous CCS I refined the seraphis library to a satisfying state. It can now be considered in 'final draft' form.

Continuing work

Here are the tasks I hope to finish by the end of this CCS.

  • Update the Seraphis paper draft. I will split the current draft into two papers, one focused on the core Seraphis abstraction and the other focused on the current implementation using Jamtis. My goal is to get those papers to a place where I can collaborate with (as yet undetermined) security researchers to add proper security analysis.
  • Support the seraphis migration workgroup with focused architecture design work, and possibly contribute development work to that effort.
  • Build a demo for a secure and efficient escrowed market using Monero 2-of-3 multisig with the seraphis library.
  • As usual, participate in ongoing Monero R&D discussions and tasks.


It has been a year and a half since I opened my first Seraphis-related CCS. I feel I have reached a level of proficiency with Monero research and development to justify asking for a raise of 10 USD + 0.1 XMR / hr in this CCS.

  • Rate: 60 USD + 0.3 XMR
  • Hours: 240hrs
  • XMR equivalent: 72 + (60*240)/USD_EXCHANGE_RATE XMR
  • USD_EXCHANGE_RATE: set from 14-day EMA on a major exchange
    • 157 USD/XMR at 2135 UTC 03/31/2023 w/ 14-day EMA on Kraken -> 163.7 XMR total

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